Here is how to grow a lemon plant at home and not need to buy lemons from the supermarket anymore!

by Shirley Marie Bradby

March 22, 2019

Here is how to grow a lemon plant at home and not need to buy lemons from the supermarket anymore!

Nowadays, it seems as though there is never enough time, so much so that often people prefer to order food rather than prepare it - let alone actually grow it!

This happens, a little due to fatigue, a little for the insufficiency of space or knowledge, and the fact that you can buy everything you need at the local supermarket. And yet, there is no shortage of people who still appreciate the value and taste of fruits and vegetables planted and cultivated with their own hands.

Of course, it is not always possible to have a vegetable garden, especially if you live in an apartment, but there are some plants that can be grown at home, without the need for huge spaces, such as lemons for example, that are very useful to have in the house. Now, let's see what are the benefits of growing plants at home and how to grow a lemon plant. 

NB: Lemon seeds are obtained only from wild lemons; therefore, in this case, to obtain lemon fruit, it is necessary to use a graft.


The advantages of growing plants at home

The advantages of growing plants at home

Milan Suvajac/wikimedia

  • 1. You are completely secure in regards to quality. You decide how much and what fertilizer to use, and whether or not to use pesticides. Moreover, you know what you are eating and if it is truly genuine. 
  • 2. Homegrown plants have more vitamins and nutrients. Not having to be transported from the fields to the supermarket and from there to your home, fruits and vegetables retain more nutrients - and flavor. 
  • 3. You decide when to consume them. You choose when to pick or harvest them and when to consume them.
  • 4. They are always fresh. You can pick the fruit or vegetable directly from the plant and eat it right away.
  • 5. It's more economical. In the long run, it is much more convenient to grow a plant than to buy the individual fruit every time. 
  • 6. You will eat more healthy foods. If you have grown them yourself, you will be encouraged to consume more fruits and vegetables! Whereas, while shopping in the supermarket, you might more easily opt for some unhealthy snack foods! 

How to grow a lemon plant at home

How to grow a lemon plant at home


Procure the necessary materials: 

  • a lemon 
  • a pot or a similar container 
  • potting soil
  • breathable plastic film 
  • a bucket 
  • watering can or another means to irrigate 

Start by preparing the soil: Put the soil in the bucket and pour in a little water to moisten it. Fill the pot with the moist soil, leaving about a few inches of empty space at the top, just below the rim of the pot.

Cut open the lemon and remove the seeds, which you will put in the pot, under about a couple of inches of soil. Water the seeds slowly, making sure that the soil does not become too wet; then cover the pot with plastic film and place it in a sunny spot.

When the seeds begin to sprout (after a week or two) remove the plastic film. As the plant grows, you will have to transfer it to larger containers, so that it has space to grow. Also, remember to use a good fertilizer and keep the lemon plant in the sun for about 8 hours a day. And, when the lemon plant grows and produces lemons, you will be able to enjoy the taste of fresh lemons that you have planted and cultivated all by yourself! :)  🍋🍋🍋