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Some useful tips to take care of an orchid at home: they are beautiful plants, but also very delicate

May 07, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Orchids are beautiful indoor plants, which certainly give an elegant and personal touch to any corner of your home, but which need a lot of care in order to always be in great shape. Unlike in the past, orchids have now become very widely kept and popular plants, although some difficulties still persist in maintaining them. It is a plant native to Southeast Asia and which, therefore, is unwilling to adapt to other different types of climate. Taking the right precautions, however, we will not be disappointed with the pleasure of growing an orchid at home and make a great impression with all the guests who come to visit us.

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1. Exposure to light

Orchids are plants that love a good deal of light, so it is always good to place them in a well-lit corner of the house. But be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight - much better an environment with diffused light. In any case, being plants that adapt well to warmer climates, it is better to try never to lower the temperature of the room in which we keep it below 10-13 °. 

Depending on the type of variety, the roots of the orchid may also need light and it is therefore advisable to inquire when you purchase them, to understand if the plant needs a transparent pot.

2. Pruning

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3 days after the flowers fall, we can proceed by cutting the inflorescence branch above the second node. In this way, we should make sure to revive our beloved plant. If this does not happen even after pruning, then you can very well cut off the whole branch and you will see that the orchid will bloom again.



3. Soil fertilization

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The soil used for the cultivation of the orchid must be chosen with great care and cannot be a simple universal soil; this plant with wonderful inflorescences, in fact, needs a special soil to be able to grow without any problem. We can find a lot of compost for orchids in specialized and well stocked nurseries.

4. Water the plant properly

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Properly watering an orchid is essential for the survival of the plant and great care must be taken to do so. In fact, orchids grow in a tropical habitat, on trunks, and do not have their roots directly in water. Precisely for this reason, watering should not be frequent: we always check the soil, feeling it and dipping a finger even under the surface layer, to make sure it is dry - only then can we proceed by giving water to our plant. We recommend giving the orchid water in the morning, being very careful to avoid stagnant water

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