An ingenious way to water your garden:…
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An ingenious way to water your garden: using recycled plastic bottles as an irrigation system could be a way to cut down on water waste

May 16, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

People are passionate about gardening at about any age. It's not only a hobby that gives back (especially for those who grow a vegetable garden), but it's also very therapeutic. Whether you've been gardening for 50 years or you're just starting out, you'll be happy to hear that there are some tricks to help you cut back on your water usage without risking the wellbeing of your plants. The method we're about to talk about is not just effective, it's also inexpensive and easy to make yourself at home. All you need is some recycled plastic bottles, some water, and the sun/heat will take care of the rest. 

Take two plastic bottles of different sizes (one bigger than the other). Cut the neck of the smaller one off so that only the body remains. As for the bigger bottle, cut the bottom out so that it covers the smaller bottle completely. It should look more or less like a bell. Next, bury half of the bigger bottle in the ground while leaving the smaller bottle completely on the ground's surface.  

Before you set the irrigation system up, make sure you fill the smaller bottle up with water. Once filled, position it on the ground, in close approximity to your plants, and cover it completely with the bigger plastic bottle. At this point, your irrigation system is ready to start watering your plants! 


To make sure all your plants get enough water, create an irrigation system for each one of them. It works best when surrounded by straw, which helps the bottles maintain a perfect humidity level. 

Thanks to this DYI idea, the sun and heat take care of most of the work and keeps you from wasting unnecessary amounts of water. The heat from the sun causes the water in the smaller bottle to evaporate. The water hence condenses on the sides of the bigger bottle and then trickles down into the ground, where the roots of the plant will then soak it up. 

It's a simple idea, but very effective! 

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