Grow you own rosemary plant --- right…
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Grow you own rosemary plant --- right at home! Check it out!

January 20, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Rosemary is a wonderful plant, not only because it takes only a few needles from a sprig to add a touch of class to various dishes (try to think of potatoes seasoned with fresh rosemary!).

Moreover, rosemary is also a great decorative plant for the garden! It is durable, needs little care and releases its fragrance into the surrounding environment. What to speak of its medicinal properties, which are beneficial for the digestive and respiratory systems.

Do you want a rosemary plant that is all yours? You just need one sprig!

First of all, cut a sprig from a rosemary plant. Make sure to pick a sprig that is woody, but not too old. Then with a pair of scissors make a diagonal cut.

To be safe, take more than one sprig! Put them in a glass with fertilizer (preferably natural) for a whole night. The next day, remove the fertilizer and pour some water in the glass. Then leave the sprigs in the glass of water for a few weeks, add some more water if the water evaporates with time.

You have to wait until small white roots sprout from the end of the sprig, then you are ready to put in soil inside a container. 

Make a hole in the soil, a few centimeters deep and insert the sprig, from which you have removed the rosemary needles, that were close to the white roots. A rosemary plant does not need much water. Only water the plant when the soil is dry, alternating between water and natural fertilizer. 

Be patient and take care of your rosemary plant, and it will gradually grow bigger and bigger!

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