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Reinventing their look starting with the hair: 17 women who have chosen wonderful short cuts

Going to the hairdresser, especially for a woman, can be therapeutic: once you leave the beauty salon, you return home with a renewed look and you certainly feel much more satisfied with your appearance.…
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Tiny and delicate tattoos: 13 inspiring ideas for elegant body decoration

Choosing a tattoo is certainly not something to be taken lightly, especially as regards the choice of the tattoo artist and their studio: you need to consider whether the artist is someone who respects…

10 cost-effective ways to keep your children entertained this summer

Summer has arrived and the kids are really looking for ways to express their creative sides. Although Summer is often a synonym of fun, every parent dreads the moment when kids are getting bored of their…

8 practical but ingenious DYI tips that could help resolve recurring problems around the house

Who hasn't had to deal with small, ongoing issues around the house? We're obviously not talking about problems you can't resolve yourself. We are talking about, however, those small, annoying issues that,…

To stop her son from crying, she positions a life-size cardboard figure of herself in the room every time she leaves him alone

Being a parent is not easy but, on the other hand, no one is born with all the necessary knowledge and we have to start somewhere.Especially in the first few years, it is not easy to manage one's own…

Newly invented shoes with GPS to track elderly family members with Alzheimer's and prevent them from getting lost!

In an elderly person, among the first symptoms of senile dementia or Alzheimer's, is the serious problem of disorientation that emerges. In fact, the elderly person begins to progressively lose their…

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