Do you use plastic film just to wrap…
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Do you use plastic film just to wrap foods? Here are 12 other completely unexpected uses!

July 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We use plastic cling film almost exclusively to cover the leftovers of meals that we want to refrigerate, or perhaps when we have to put a toothbrush in our suitcase and we have nothing else with which to insulate the bristles.

However, the situations in which this well-known material that we all have in a kitchen drawer are far more numerous than that, and also can be used in other rooms in the house!

Definitely, some of these uses, you already know about, but here you will discover some helpful tips that maybe you have missed!

1. Beauty treatments.

You may have used plastic film to wrap your head when you dye your hair at home, but did you know that you can take advantage of this material also when you make a face mask that does not need to become dry (such as clay, for example). A layer of plastic film placed on your face will increase the moisturizing effect.

2. Keep fresh bananas.

Especially in summer, bananas can ripen very quickly, without even giving you time to eat them! By wrapping some plastic film around the stems you can make bananas last much longer!


3. The best COVER that you can imagine!

A layer of plastic film wrap of good quality (one that clings!) can be used as an emergency cover for glasses that will be handled by small children with clumsy hands, and rightly so because they are always engaged in playing, or you adults when you have the pleasure of drinking something while working at your very expensive PC or laptop.

4. Trap for insects.

This you did not expect! By putting pieces of fruit in a bowl, covering it with plastic film wrap and making only a small entry using the tip of a knife, you can create a curious but effective trap for insects, which are attracted by the presence of sugar in the fruit.

5. For kids to play with

image: tinkerlab.com

Not because they should not get their hands dirty but just to try something different! Simply pour some tempera paint on a sheet of paper, cover it with plastic film wrap and let them create their own drawings by manipulating the colors using this curious technique!


6. Are you moving house soon? Well, at least for some objects there is no need to worry! Just cover the container with plastic wrap and when you're in your new house you will have everything immediately available!

image: listotic.com

7. A DIY bouquet ... that stays fresh longer!

Join the flower stems, wrap them in a moist paper towel and then cover with plastic wrap, before proceeding with some nice wrapping paper to beautify the entire bouquet -- and the flowers will remain fresh much longer!


8. A poached egg like you have never made before.

The technique is simple! Just take a sheet of plastic wrap, line the bottom of a shallow dish and sprinkle the inside with a small amount of vegetable oil. Then take an egg, break it into the lined shallow dish. Gather the corners of the plastic wrap, seal the egg inside to form a bag and then put it in boiling water for three minutes. Voilà! You have an original and perfectly poached egg. 

Attention! For this recipe, please make sure that the plastic wrap that you use is completely PVC-free. Currently, the plastic film wrap most suited for food use is made of polyethylene.

9. Do you want to keep the glass shelves in the refrigerator clean? Cover them with plastic film wrap, and maybe use the same compartment for all those products that might drip or stain.


10. Keep paint brushes and rollers from drying out.

If you are painting the house but it's time to take a break, you can prevent your brushes and rollers impregnated with paint from becoming dry by simply wrapping them in plastic film.

 11. Help your seeds to sprout quicker!

image: bobvila.com

It is as simple as you can imagine! Just put a layer of plastic wrap around the vase or container where you have planted the seeds and you've just watered --- and this will help keep the soil moist and nourish the seeds inside! 

NB: Keep the plastic film around the vase only in the very early stages, since the closed environment could after a while cause mold growth.

 12. Prevent packaged contents from leaking out.

Almost certainly it has happened to you to open your suitcase and find its content completely covered with that shampoo that you put inside without having taken the proper precautions! To prevent this from happening again, all you have to do is to remove the caps of liquid products, apply a piece of plastic film wrap and then put the caps back on to close them and in this way, you will have created a very effective airtight seal!

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