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Make home repairs like a PRO!
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Make home repairs like a PRO!

September 04, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Maybe you have never done it before but the time to fix up your house with some repair work arrives sooner or later for everyone.

Thanks to the Internet today, anyone can learn how to make home repairs and above all how to do them while using some tricks that save time without having to try to deal with complicated instructions and tools.

Here are four simple hacks to use if you are making home repairs!

1. If you are painting, wear a disposable latex glove! You can use it as a kind of sock to hold the brush soaked in paint and avoid dripping paint on the floor or work surface.

2. To make holes of the same depth, take a common plastic bottle, cut the bottom and apply it to the drill as shown in the picture.


3. Apply a magnet to a hammer and use it to keep the nails readily available, which will speed up the job a lot!

4. Lastly, if the position of the combination wrench you are using does not allow you to loosen a bolt, take another wrench and use it as leverage --- the effort is virtually nil!

Take a look at the video to see how to put these ideas into practice!

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House repair life hacks

These house repair life hacks will definitely come in handy.👍🏼

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