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13 brilliant beauty secrets revealed…
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13 brilliant beauty secrets revealed and shared on the Internet!

October 29, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Instagram is not only the world of selfies and photos of food dishes but it is also a source of tips and rapid information that should not be undervalued! 

As a matter of fact, the make-up, aesthetics, and do-it-yourself gurus in general, never miss an opportunity to display pictures, video clips, and short video tutorials showing how to solve some beauty issues that you too have surely encountered.  

Here are thirteen of the most ingenious beauty solutions in circulation!

1. Use latex band-aids to repair your bra! These band-aids are more resistant and can keep the bra wire from slipping out and hurting you.

Un post condiviso da Hadmidow (@hadmidow) in data:

2. Before going to sleep put on a hair band and then roll and wrap sections of your hair around it. In the morning, you will have a hairstyle worthy of a hairdresser!

Un post condiviso da Katy North (@katylounorthcwp) in data:


3. Do you want to make your eyes appear smaller? Apply black eyeliner pencil to the inner bottom eyelid rim. Do you want to make your eyes seem larger it? Use white or a skin-colored eyeliner pencil!

4. Would you like lipstick the exact same shade as your eyeshadow? You can make this lipstick yourself, with a little vaseline!

Un post condiviso da Glamfiniti (@glamfiniti) in data:

5. If you want to make your hairline thicker, just use a blush makeup brush and eyeshadow close to the color of your hair as shown in this video.

Un post condiviso da @lolita_scorpita in data:


6. If you want to wash and clean your makeup brushes but do not have a specific product, try combining dish soap and olive oil in equal quantities. Rinse well water and you are ready to go!

Un post condiviso da babyk (@littlekatiekinz) in data:

7. Long hair and braids! Let's try to tie the braid by using this technique and nothing else! The trick is to not untangle the hair at the end of the braid while braiding the hair (video).

Un post condiviso da BuzzFeed Top Knot (@buzzfeedtopknot) in data:


8. What is the best scrub for the body? The one made with used coffee grounds, of course!

Un post condiviso da TẨY TẾ BÀO CHẾT CAFE (@duhuscrub) in data:

9. Mascara not finished but dry? Add a few drops of jojoba or castor oil! Advice: remember to dilute the product with hot water!


10. How to keep lipstick on your lips longer? After applying lipstick, next place a thin tissue on your lips and lightly pat on a layer of face powder.

11. Make your own makeup brush holder case using only a wide elastic band and a sushi mat!

Un post condiviso da Makeup by Kika Mohd (@kikamohd) in data:

Find here the video tutorial.

12. You can repair fragmented eyeshadow in a palette! Just retrieve as much fragmented eyeshadow as possible, then pour a drop of alcohol on the fragmented eyeshadow and press down with a hard object. Now it will be as good as new!

Un post condiviso da Alisa Patel (@alisacpatel) in data:

13. Avoid the risk of underarm sweat stains on your t-shirts by placing a panty liner inside the t-shirt at armpit height.

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September 04, 2017

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