11 unexpected and effective ways to…
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11 unexpected and effective ways to use vodka ... instead of drinking it

June 11, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Even if you do not have vodka at home, because it is not an alcoholic beverage that you like or maybe because you are a teetotaler, nevertheless, we assure you that after reading this article you will use it and not because we will convince you of its goodness.

We will show you, instead, the various uses of vodka and on how many different domestic occasions it can really come in handy.

From today, vodka will become your favorite cleaning product (and not only)!

1. Spray vodka directly into sneakers! This will prevent the bad smell from persisting!

image: Instructables

2. Mix water and vodka in a plastic bag with a waterproof closure and this will be useful to keep in the fridge in case of minor injuries or to cool off in the summer.


3. A perfect shortcrust pastry? Add about 4 tablespoons of vodka (60 ml) of vodka to your recipe to get a crust that is crispy and delicious! At the end of the baking process, there will be no trace of the vodka!

4. Vodka is also useful for keeping cut flowers fresh longer.

image: pexels.com

5. Do you know that vodka relieves the itching caused by contact with stinging nettles?


6. A tip to have shiny windows in one pass? Forget specific products, the secret ingredient is vodka!

7. Eggs, coconut oil, mayonnaise, and vodka are the ingredients needed to create a fantastic mask for dull and brittle hair.

image: gfpeck/Flickr

8. Sudden toothache? For a momentary relief, try rinsing with vodka ... But do not drink it!

image: Depositphotos

9. The fear of a painful removal of a band-aid vanishes if you soak a cotton swab in vodka and use it to wet the ends of the band-aid.

image: pixabay.com

10. To make rings shine again, leave them in a glass with some vodka for a few hours.

11. Do you suffer from halitosis? Rinsing with a mouthwash made with an infusion of vodka and cinnamon can solve the problem.

image: pixabay.com
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