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13 DIY tips to keep objects in perfect…
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13 DIY tips to keep objects in perfect order and easily accessible!

January 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

One of the positive effects of the diffusion of information on the Internet is that it facilitates the discovery of tips, advice, and know-how that once would have been precluded for most people.

Thanks to online sharing we can, in fact, learn about the practices of people who are on the other side of the globe and imitate them in case their solutions or activities meet our needs.

From the multitude of images that are shared every day, we have collected 13 tips regarding the storing or rearranging of objects in the home environment. We hope that these tips and suggestions will help you in everyday life!

1. Do you have very little room for clothes hangers? Here is a tip for hanging clothes on clothes hangers!

2. How to have sunglasses always at your fingertips


3. Are boots your passion? Here is an idea regarding how to arrange and store them.

4. Here is a DIY knife holder with simple wooden skewer sticks that simultaneously protect the knife blades and absorb moisture!

5. Kitchen towels, cloths, and aprons can be organized with a simple DIY hanging system.


6. Simple plastic yogurt containers can help you keep drawers tidy!

7. A helpful tip to keep face and body creams in order and always in the right position for quick and easy use!


8. Document or magazine holders can turn the inside of a bathroom or kitchen cabinet door into an extra storage space.

9. Shoes can be stored on simple coat hanger rack pegs ... Ideal --- especially for children!


10. Spray bottles and soap dispensers can be easily stored thanks to a simple and economical curtain rod.

11. You can use one clothes hanger with hooks to store many belts!

12. A DIY trivet made with wine corks!

13. Labeling cables is always a good rule ... it will save you time (and patience).

What do you think of these tips and suggestions? Will they be useful in helping you organize your home environment? Let us know your opinion!

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