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22 tricks that can save you and your…
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22 tricks that can save you and your feet in the most difficult situations

April 19, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Shoes are among those objects for which we could find ourselves spending a little more so as not to have to deal with annoying footwear problems and the accompanying pains that affect the rest of the body.

However, sometimes even quality footwear cannot prevent the occurrence of small incidents.

In the captured images collected here, you will find the most common issues or problems and the useful tips to solve them effectively and in a short amount of time! Please take note!

1. To absorb sweat, insert a common panty liner in the shoe (to facilitate adherence to the inner sole, you can remove the strip of paper that protects the adhesive part).

2. Shoes too tight? Put on a pair of thick socks and use the hot air of a hair dryer to make the shoe fabric expand.


3. If the shoe is slippery, try using sandpaper on the shoe sole (without exerting too much force!). You will bet a lot more grip!

4. Prevent the appearance of blisters by applying some small band-aids on the third and fourth toes.

5. If a blister has already appeared on your toe, then give yourself some relief by soaking your feet in black tea.


6. Prevent rubbing by applying a lubricating solution on the most exposed areas of your foot.

7. Dirt stains on white sneakers can be attenuated with nail polish remover.


8. Give new life to patin leather shoes by cleaning them with the product you usually use to clean windows.

9. Wet boots? Fill them with newspapers to quickly absorb moisture.


10. A light spray of dry shampoo in your shoes stops your feet from sweating so much.

11. Consider buying winter shoes that are slightly larger than your usual size and apply a wool insole to keep your feet warm.

12. Here ia another way to widen shoes a little. Just fill watertight sachets with water, place them inside the shoes and leave the shoes in the freezer overnight.

13. A practical way to absorb strong odors is to pour a small amount of baking soda directly in the shoe (our use citrus peels).

14. After a long day of wearing shoes, the best thing you can do is massage the soles of yor feet with simple tennis balls.

15. When you travel and you do not have a lot of space available in your luggage, take advantage of your shoes and use them as containers!

16. If you are going to run and you do not want to bring anything else with you but your home and car keys, here is a clever way to carry them (tie the shoelaces tightly!).

17. Use common foam swimming pool floats to easily store your boots and help them keep their shape!

18. Another way to prevent blisters is to apply a deodorant stick to the risky spots.

19. Scratches on patin leather shoes can easily be removed with vaseline.

20. If you want to prevent your feet from slipping inside your shoes when you are wearing heeled shoes, spray the soles of your feet with hairspray.

21. Stains on suede shoes can be removed by lightly rubbing them with a nail file.

22. Finally, a practical way of separating shoes from clothes when you pack your suitcase is to use a shower cap that you keep exclusively for this purpose.

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