Closets and drawers always in disarray? Here are 18 ingenious tips to organize these storage spaces -
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Closets and drawers always in disarray?…
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Closets and drawers always in disarray? Here are 18 ingenious tips to organize these storage spaces


Do not tell us ---  that you, too, whenever you open a drawer or a closet door try to close them as quickly as possible so as not to admit that it is high time that you do a bit of tidying up!

Perhaps what you lack is the support of someone who tells you how to proceed in a methodical way, to reach a level of tidiness that lasts more than a week! 

With the organizational techniques listed here, getting this result will be much easier!

 How to store scarves. Rolling them up will prevent wrinkles and you can immediately find the color you want to wear. Or...

image: Fravel

Use clothes hangers to keep them in order and have them handy at all times.


Do you want to organize drawers for clothes and small items? Use a PVC pipe and create these small "containers" as you need them.

Keep your boots straight and without creases with this simple and inexpensive trick.

image: Imgur

This drawer for lingerie underwear was divided into compartments just by using an old shoe box!


An original way to hang shorts is to use shower curtain rings instead of clothes hangers!

image: Monica Rose

If you want to immediately have a clear idea of ​what you are pulling out of the drawer then arrange your t-shirts THIS way!

image: All Day Chic

 Keep different sets of bedsheets in order by placing the sheets in their respective pillowcases.

If you have a walk-in closet, a great way to store suitcases is to hang them on the wall, where they do not take up any space!

image: Her Campus

An old wooden storage box for bottles can immediately become a shoe rack!

image: Pixgood

Hanging clothes hangers on each other allows you to exploit the full height of the wardrobe or closet. Just use the tabs from aluminum cans!

image: Wallpeg Store

To keep necklaces, bracelets, and rings from becoming a single messy tangle, you can separate them with economical ice cube trays!

image: Listotic

Lights, various battery chargers ... hide the cables by passing them from the back of the bedside table, connect them to a power strip and then ... Close the drawer!

image: Imgur 

Does it happen that in the morning, you cannot even remember your name?! Decide in advance what you will wear during the week and each morning just take the clothes hanger out of the closet!

Are you undecided about whether or not to keep or give away clothes? There is a way to make this decision ...

Arrange the clothes you use regularly by arranging the clothes hangers facing the same way and reverse the ones for which you are undecided. If within twelve months you realize that you have never taken them out of the closet, then that is the moment to give them to those who can use them!

Another technique that works is this: Hold the article of clothing whose fate you have to decide in your hands and ask yourself: "If I had to decide NOW to spend money for this dress, would I do it?". Your wardrobe will be reduced by 25%.

The dirty clothes basket? Hide it behind the door!

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