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20 simple tips that make a parent's…
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20 simple tips that make a parent's life much easier


All parents, especially those who have more than one child, are looking for ways to simplify their lives that are full of commitments --- and with a disproportionate number of accidents always just around the corner. 

From how to best organize your children's free time to some techniques to save time and reduce stress, we are going to show you some tips that we are sure you will not delay putting into practice, after perhaps adapting them to the age and specific needs of your children!

You know how difficult it can be to go out with your kids to buy shoes ...

As long as they are not old enough to decide which shoes they would like to wear, you can do like this mother did. She took the measurements of her children's feet, then wrote the size they usually wear according to the type of shoe (sandals, sneakers, dress shoes, etc.). ) and then went to the shoe store alone! The time needed to complete this task of buying shoes was definitely much shorter!

Do not throw away plastic containers, they can be helpful for the most diverse uses, starting with your baby's pacifier!


A change of clothing for each day of the school week! In this way, in the morning your children can get dressed quickly and independently!

Do you need a play box for your child? You can get a roomy and safe play box that is bruise and bump proof by using an inflatable pool!

image: CanDo Kiddo

You only need a few beads to create a bracelet that shows the phone number to call in case of an emergency.

image: Danya Banya

How to manage your child's after-school activities? This clock gives a clear picture of things to do even for children who still do not know how to tell time!

Do you want to make your children's shoes non-slip? Arm yourself with hot glue!


Sometimes it happens that medicines have to be administered to children so here is a method with which to remember the doses and times!

If you are going on a vacation, you may want to start out as organized as possible! One way to do this is to prepare your children's clothing by dividing them into daily changes.


Food, colored markers, games ... If you want to try to protect your car, spreading a sheet under the baby car seat will be of great help.

It could happen that eating in the car is unavoidable so minimize the risk of a disaster by preparing food baskets!

Where to put baby bibs? One possibility is to hang them on a self-adhesive hook behind the high chair to have them always at hand!

Help your children to distinguish the right from the left (and put on their shoes correctly) with a similar trick.

Use safety pins or paper clips to keep socks paired inside the washing machine or dryer.

Emergency measures to keep children away from shelves and furniture. Keep the doors and cabinets closed using dog collars.

Prevent hard to clean stains on clothes by protecting them with transparent film especially during moments of recreation!

image: Raddest Mom

Finally, never forget the usefulness of an object such as an adhesive roller ... Do not tell us that you do not have one at home!

No more (very) dirty and sticky hands when eating popsicles! You can limit the messy dripping by putting cupcake liners at the base of the popsicle!

image: Pinterest

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