To facilitate identification in case of an accident, this mom wrote some useful details on her baby's car seat -
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To facilitate identification in case…
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To facilitate identification in case of an accident, this mom wrote some useful details on her baby's car seat


Unlike other aspects of parenting, the safety of children in cars is not a matter of personal choice. 

Each country has precise rules for the transport of minors in vehicles, but this does not mean that these protective measures cannot be improved with some useful DIY ideas.

In fact, this is exactly why this method, devised for the safety of her children by a person who is both a mother and a social-health worker, is one that we want to share with you, even if it is certainly not an amusing scenario.

As a mother and social-health worker, Kaitlyn Lawson thought it would be helpful to share on the web an idea that she has been using.


In the unfortunate eventuality of a car accident, it is important to think about how to facilitate the rescue procedures, especially if a small child is being transported in the car, who may still be too young to have learned to talk. What would happen if the parent was unconscious and could not communicate to the rescuers, important information, such as any special health conditions of the child that they should be informed of as soon as possible? Here this mother shares her idea.

"It takes one minute of your time to do something that could save your child's life."

The advice of Kaitlyn Lawson is to write down on a sheet of paper the important data about the child and the parents (names and dates of birth), as well as any particular medical conditions. Also indicate, if the child takes any prescription drugs and a phone number to contact for emergencies.

All of this is important information that could facilitate the intervention of rescuers in the event of a car accident. Just put the sheet of paper in a clear plastic cover and then attach it to the baby car seat with adhesive tape in a highly visible position and you will have done something really useful for everyone. 

If this topic is of interest to you, here we talk about useful smartphone applications that help you not to forget your child in the car.

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