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Discover some clever ways to increase…
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Discover some clever ways to increase your child's safety!

September 28, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A thousand eyes are not enough for a parent to make sure their child does not get hurt or break something in the house.

The secret is not in trying to have two thousand eyes but to limit the chances of an accident happening!

Here are some suggestions and tips that all parents should follow when it comes to safety issues in order to live life with more serenity alongside a little devil!  :)

1. Cover the wooden headboard, sideboards, and footboard with a soft material. You can use, for example, cloth-covered foam or swimming pool float tubes.

image: Hint Mama

2. To prevent children from getting their fingers crushed by doors, attach a piece of floating tube to the door jamb.


3. Tired of heads getting bumped on the corners of furniture? Simply create a slot in a tennis ball!

image: Mothership

4. One rubber band is sufficient to prevent small children from opening cabinet doors they should not.

5. If you fear that your child will get lost in a public place, write your phone number on their wrist and make it indelible by coating it with a layer of transparent nail polish.

image: Elite Readers

6. If you want to avoid staining your child's arm, let them wear a bracelet with your telephone number written on it!

image: 74flyers75

7. In this way, the parents can rest assured that their child will not slip and slide down into the bathtub.


8. Do you have a toddler crawling all over the house? Just remove the tip from a pair of long sponge socks and put them on your toddler!

9. Do you have extensible rods? They can be useful in preventing access to some areas of the house.


10. To prevent children from rolling out toilet paper.

image: Baby Prepping

11. Simple band-aids to cover the holes on electrical sockets.

12. A rod inserted downward through the handles of cabinet drawers prevents drawers from opening.

13. Can your child climb out of his/her crib? Sew a strip of fabric on the pants cuff legs to prevent it.

14. A trick that is not so genial but still very clever --- keep all cleaning products in boxes with a lid.

image: diybuddy

15. Small children should not walk up or down stairs, but if you simply cannot avoid it, then tie a rope to the existing handrail, this will help to limit the damage.

image: Siya
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