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A recipe to make tasty homemade cheese…
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A recipe to make tasty homemade cheese with just a few steps


There was never a lack of cheese in our house: the reason is that besides being one of the easiest foods to find (for whoever had milk animals in their stable), it was also very cheap to make.

Today we can say the complete opposite about cheese because milk processing is costly and to eat genuine cheese we often have to pay a price that is not very reasonable.

So why not try making it at home, in order to choose the best ingredients and savor food made with your own hands? Here's how to do it!

Only a few ingredients are necessary to make delicious homemade cheese.


1000 g of fresh milk (one carton)
Lemon juice 
1 small jar plain unsweetened white yogurt or Greek yogurt 
1 yd (1 m) of cotton gauze (buy it at a drugstore/pharmacy) 
A large bowl 

Procedure: Combine the yogurt with the milk and bring it to a boil. Then, immediately lower the flame, add the lemon, mix with a wooden spoon, and continue for a couple of minutes after it starts to boil. At this point turn off the flame and you will see that there are lumps of curd on the surface. Let the milk stand without touching or mixing it, and start the preparation for the draining stage.

Place the gauze folded on itself (to make it stronger and give it a thicker texture) so as to line a large bowl. If necessary, secure the gauze to the sides of the bowl with clothes pins. After at least 10 minutes of allowing the milk to rest, pour the contents of the pot into the bowl with the gauze.

Only the lumps of cheese curd remain on the gauze while the liquid will through the gauze. This liquid is called serum, which you can use to make ricotta cheese. Squeeze the curds in the gauze as much as you can, making sure that the gauze does not break! When no further liquid can be squeezed out of the gauze then the cheese is dry. Close the gauze and place it in a bowl (in the one that you have used so far if you have removed the serum) and place a heavy weight on the cheese to obtain the form in the photo image. 

Place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, then open the gauze again and sprinkle a pinch of salt on the surface. Press the gauze around the cheese again (if necessary squeeze it again) and let it rest in the refrigerator for more than 8 hours.

Congratulations! You have made delicious homemade cheese with a few simple ingredients that are easily found!

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