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When urban vandalism becomes clever…
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When urban vandalism becomes clever and cool ...

October 04, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Potholes on the streets, light poles leaning or that have fallen down, entire neighborhoods without an iota of vitality ...

Often waiting for some intervention from city authorities to eliminate or improve these unsightly and unpleasant conditions is almost hopeless, but fortunately, there is vandalism.

No, not the kind of vandalism that destroys or defaces property, but the kind that brings a touch of originality and gives some sense to something that would otherwise remain anonymous, ignored, or abandoned.

Here are twenty-five examples that will make you smile or exclaim "pretty cool!" or maybe even "pure genius"!

1. Ant-Man vs Yellow Jacket! Now we understand why this area is devastated!

image: slinkachu

2. A simple and suggestive sticker attached to a ceiling lamp in a public bathroom.


3. A trash can is eating a biscuit!

image: gotemyey

4. "This year thousands of men will die of stubbornness.' --- "NO, We WON'T.

image: Twitter

5. "Vandalism" in Canada.

image: buttonose

6. Please do not touch.

7. Attention, be careful .....one of the three snakes is dangerous.

image: sooo_many

8. Urban Kung Fu

image: Oakoak

9. Do not forget to applaud the jellyfish ...

image: imgur.com

10. Ouch!!!

image: Oakoak

11. Pac-Man also eats pedestrian zebra stripes!

image: secretlakr

12. Just like riding a roller coaster!

image: Oakoak

13. This is actually vandalism ... But here the Led Zeppelin were practically summoned!

image: reddit.com

14. "See any vandals?" ..... "Nope."

image: Bierrr

15. Jack Torrance's nightmare persists even in the daylight!

image: Oakoak

16. From "wild" to "sausage" in a few seconds!

image: jfb1337

The French advertising says "sauvage" (wild), but just change a letter and you get the English word "sausage"' ...

17. Someone has made the advertising concept even more clear by adding the word "diabetes" ...

18. Hello, Neo! It's always nice to see you!

image: loyydiruz02

19. They say it happens just like this ...

image: Oakoak

20. From liberal arts to .... liberal "farts"! :-P

image: StupidNewGuy

21. A store window that really captures your attention.

image: ross5781

22. A cute example of Belgian vandalism.

image: EdLeviud

23. Oops, sorry!

24. Or he or she was very agile or ... very drunk!

25. "Who you gonna call?" --- "Ghost Busters!" :))

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