22 acts of urban vandalism that will…
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22 acts of urban vandalism that will surprise you with their genius

November 25, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Vandalism is almost always considered to be a crime, but sometimes it is manifested in forms that can positively contribute to the appearance of a city.

Vandalism can, in fact, give that touch of humor and color that is often lacking in cold and gray city structures!

Jokes or ironic phrases that are written on the city walls, imaginative designs, traffic sign changes, and other actions of this kind can make even the most anonymous objects cool and funny.

Here in this photo gallery, we offer undeniable proof!

1. The monster in the woods (in a city park?!)

image: FaisalSharif

2. An alien beacon kidnaps a poor cow from a pasture ...

image: oakoak

3. Did you know that yo-yo was a pastime of the ancient wise men?

image: GallowBoob

4. A miniature rain forest!

image: merinoflora

5. Urban transportation of alligators ...

image: IgorZelenov

6. Sculptural hair removal.

image: SirJukesALot

The King Kong of flaking outdoor building walls.

image: SmileyFace-_-

8. " Open Slowly! The door is fragile" --- "Aren't we all?'

image: _D4Z3_

9. Marge Simpson's hair dyed a new color!

image: GallowBoob

10. So the famous Norwegian writer Bjørnson was also a skateboarder?

The disturbing shadows of city trash cans.

image: Nickkarp510

12. A bathroom reserved for X-Men.

image: Saltefanden

13. A desert of concrete.

image: Source

14. Watch the Millennium Falcon!

image: gavmcd

15. Now we understand who makes all the berries disappear!

image: Source

16. A Color Fountain ...

image: juzodagup

17. Graffiti does not want to be removed!

image: ZadocPaet

18. Sometimes the trash cans accept one beer too many ...

19. A shark clothes hanger.

image: snappiness

20. Sidewalk button ...

image: oakoak

21. Have you heard about that dragon wandering around the walls of the city?

image: Source

22. Robot Bender Bending Rodríguez?


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