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16 terrifying examples of anti-homeless…
15 people who have gone a little too far with make-up and created real masterpieces of horror

16 terrifying examples of anti-homeless architecture: the hostile response of cities to the most vulnerable

December 08, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Going around a big city and not even having a step to sit down on, perhaps to eat a sandwich, when every bench on the street is occupied, can be frustrating. Think, then, of all those homeless people looking for shelter or simply a street corner where they can lie down. The great metropolises especially, are becoming more and more inhospitable towards the most unfortunate, with the development of hostile architecture that prevents anyone, and especially the homeless, from bedding down in the street. Certain measures are sometimes necessary, but hitting the weakest in this way and trying to "hide" the problem from passers-by does not seem to be the most humane solution to adopt. One cannot remain impassive in the face of these examples of hostile architecture:

1. Did you plan to sit on this handy step? Not possible!

2. It's impossible to sit or lie down on these giant pebbles


3. Deliberately hostile architecture in a city with lots of homeless people demonstrates a lack of empathy

4. Do you think this bench has been designed in a people friendly way? I don't think so...

5. A solution designed specifically to not let anyone sit down: and it's ugly!


6. "No one should have to sleep here". We agree.

7. Benches designed for sitting, but not for lying down!


8. The bench at this bus stop doesn't seem ideal for relaxing, even for a moment

9. These owners in New York City do not hide their hostile intent


10. These new benches don't seem comfortable for anyone.

11. An aesthetically obscene solution

12. Made specifically to discourage anyone from taking shelter

3. In Boston they have a strange idea of "benches"

14. It's too difficult to lie down here...

15. Curved benches, with a dubious aesthetic, which prevent anyone from lying down ...

16. "What kind of society do we live in where homelessness is solved with spikes?"

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