Disabled passenger shows the treatment she received from an airline: "You can wear a diaper" (+ VIDEO)

Mark Bennett

October 13, 2022

Disabled passenger shows the treatment she received from an airline:

All citizens should have equal rights and not be discriminated against in any way because of their social or health status. But it seems to be a fact that some people are treated differently to others. Those with a disability should be protected and should be able to get the same opportunities as those who are not handicapped. A young woman who had lost mobility in her lower limbs has caused a lot of talk after telling of a horrible experience she suffered on a scheduled flight. The airline in question did not have the necessary equipment to take the woman to the toilet, which is why she literally had to drag herself down the aisle of the plane to get to the loo.

via Twitter / Jennie Berry


Human dignity is sacred and that's why the footage of Berry, a disabled passenger who documented the treatment she received from an airline lacking the means to support her, raised everyone's indignation. After arriving at the airport, the woman was informed by the cabin crew that "there was no possibility to sit near the front of the plane, or to sit on an aisle chair". The reason that the airline did not have this "aisle chair" - an indispensable means of accompanying disabled passengers from their wheelchairs to their assigned seats or the toilet - is unknown. To remedy the toilet problem, the cabin crew suggested that the woman wear a diaper.

Twitter / Jennie Berry

"The staff told me that in 27 years of service, they never considered it a problem that disabled people had to wear diapers," Berry wrote in her complaint post. "Life as a disabled person can be downright degrading and embarrassing at times and, unfortunately, this was one of those times. I have been openly told to my face that I should wear a diaper when I don't need it. All of this made me feel humiliated," concluded Berry.

The airline companion's spokesperson officially apologized to the passenger for the unfortunate incident, which he hopes will never happen again. He also added that "wheelchairs in the aisle are not permitted by law". In airplanes, in general, there are no special seats for disabled passengers on board. On the other hand, there are seats where disabled passengers cannot be seated, i.e. seats positioned near the emergency exit or those near the windows. Perhaps this is precisely why attention should be paid to this issue.