This woman was fired after 19 years at work for forgetting to put 20 cents in the cash register -
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This woman was fired after 19 years…
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This woman was fired after 19 years at work for forgetting to put 20 cents in the cash register

By Alison Forde

Sometimes humanity is really capable of bringing out the worst in itself to the detriment of people who just don't deserve it. Think about relationships in the workplace: injustice and bullying on the part of those in charge are sometimes on the agenda, sometimes just to let off steam with an employee who has done nothing wrong.

The woman in the UK we are about to tell you about is well aware of this. She was literally shocked when the owner of the bakery she had worked for for 19 years fired her on the spot. The reason? The alleged "theft" of 20 cents.

That's right: 20 cents, a few coins that were missing from the coffers and, for 54-year-old Yvonne Hough, this was enough to trigger her immediate dismissal. The employee of the Preston bakery had bought some snacks for her grandchildren before leaving work, but she had forgotten to put in 20 cents of the total amount she needed to pay for them. So, having become aware of this oversight, the owner saw fit to accuse her of theft and to fire her.

You don't have to be a labor lawyer to understand the injustice of such an action, especially towards an employee who, after almost 20 years, should be trusted.  Yvonne's oversight was in fact neither intentional nor repeated, but a simple act of forgetfulness that could happen to anyone. After checking the surveillance cameras and making a somewhat resentful phone call, the employer came up with the most drastic solution, leaving Yvonne in deep trouble.

In response, the woman filed a legal appeal against the unfair dismissal, and the judge agreed with her. The woman could not be fired on the spot for such a minor reason, and the court sentenced the owner of the shop to compensate her by more than 3500 dollars. Apart from the fact that, fortunately, justice has triumphed, it is really disheartening to read about episodes of this type, which once again show us that unfortunately some people will never learn to behave fairly and reasonably.

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