56-year-old gives birth to her granddaughter:…
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56-year-old gives birth to her granddaughter: "I agreed to be a surrogate mother for my daughter-in-law and my son"

October 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

We often hear that the family is everything, and that every family member should always try to support the others and assist them when they need help. And this is how some people actually do behave, and who make major sacrifices to do so.

A woman from Utah, in the United States, knows this very well.  After raising her son, she continued to help him out as an adult. Here is their story:

via: People

The woman we are talking about is Nancy Hauck: she is 56 years old and is pregnant. If you think it's a little late in life to have a baby, you would be wrong. The baby (girl) that the woman has in her womb is special and shares a close bond with her: she is her granddaughter. That's right. Nancy decided to show her love for her son and daughter-in-law by having this baby.

Aware of the difficulties faced by the two to raise a family, this woman - a mother and mother-in-law - chose to help the couple out and have a child for them. Her 32-year-old son, Jeff, and her 30-year-old daughter-in-law, Cambria, managed to have two pairs of twins, but they wanted a fifth child. Unfortunately, however, the treatments that Nancy's young daughter-in-law had undergone in the past, prevented any further pregnancies, and this is where the woman's mother-in-law entered the scene.

"I hadn't discussed it with my husband, but I felt I had to help these two. So, I told my son about my idea of being a surrogate mother for them and he immediately accepted. He was very excited and he did not know how to thank me for what I had chosen to do," Nancy said.

The woman had to undergo several checks to make sure she could fall pregnant at her age, and when the doctors told her that everything was OK, she did not hesitate. "I am so grateful to my mother for what she is doing for us and for all the love she is showing us," said her son Jeff. His words were echoed by those of the daughter-in-law, Cambria: "she is sacrificing herself for us and we can only admire her and thank her from the bottom of our hearts".


Of course, at 56 it is not easy to deal with being pregnant, but Nancy was determined to proceed. After all, this is what parents do: they help their family members out in any possible.

Would you have done the same?


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