Mother shares her method for getting…
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Mother shares her method for getting her children to prepare their own lunches, without her help

September 28, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Being a mother isn't easy. As a mother, one is responsible for providing for the needs of one's little ones in every way possible. Women are almost always the first to ensure all is good in the home and that the children lack for nothing.

But mothers also get exhausted and need for help, especially if, in addition to looking after a family, they have a full-time job. It is for this reason that many ask for help from their partner, their parents or outside parties (who have to be paid). But what if these resources are not available? In these cases, one option is to take the steps that the mother in this story has - here is her story:

Sarah Early is a mother who has decided to share on her social accounts the method she uses to "convince" her children to make their own packed lunches for school. Often, it is the mother or father who takes care of this chore. If, however, there are other things to do at home and time is running out, it is useful if the kids take responsibility and prepare their own lunches.

For this reason, Sarah has decided to use a brilliant stratagem to encourage her children in do this chore. She has organized every space in the kitchen perfectly. Shelves and refrigerators are equipped with every food item, divided into sectors, which the children can access without having to ask their parents. Everything is labeled and, for example, sandwiches, which are individually wrapped, there are labels showing the various ingredients inside. The same applies for snacks and drinks and everything is clearly visible and labelled (as we can see in the videos posted to TikTok).

This, according to what this mother states, has contributed to the independence of her children who, knowing perfectly where to find all they need, are able to prepare their school lunches by themselves. An unique idea that many have complimented.

Web users congratulated the woman and there are those who said they would also like to use the same technique. Then there are some users who, whilst appreciating the idea, confessed that it could never work in their household.


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