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A 3-year-old boy is bullied in kindergarten for wearing a Frozen backpack: "It's for girls"

Children, especially if they are of preschool age, should be left free to play and dream of whatever is able to tickle their imagination. Even if society has always imposed on us very specific gender…

A 7-year-old boy is humiliated by his teacher because of the outcome of his math test: "Sad and pathetic"

Although many teachers today are often subjected to abuse by parents and children themselves, who may not accept the bad grades received due to their own lack of appliance, there are also cases in which…

School denies her a meal because she has no more money on her account: a 6-year-old girl is ridiculed in front of her classmates

Cases of bullying and humiliation among peers in schools are not so rare, although they are never justifiable. In the story we are about to tell you, however, it was in a way, the school that promoted…

A cheerleader with Down syndrome is teased during a basketball game and three players intervene to defend her

In an era in which bullying presents itself as a phenomenon that is all too widespread in middle and high schools all over the world, these types of stories comfort us a little and renew hope in the human…

In Japan, students clean their classrooms and school toilets; this is how they learn responsibility from an early age

Learn to take care of what belongs to everyone as if it were your own personal property and consequently—not behave disrespectfully in "public" situations or when using public structures and facilities.…

A physical education teacher picks up his disabled student to allow him to experience jumping rope

For a disabled child, each physical education class can feel like a real nightmare. This happens precisely because of their physical condition that prevents them from walking and moving easily like the…

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