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This grandmother got her high school diploma at 84: it was her greatest wish

We all have dreams that lay dormant for years, perhaps buried by the responsibilities or obstacles to which life subjects us. Yet we should never believe that it is "too late" to reach for a dream…

Youngster is bullied because he always wears the same clothes: later he is surprised by two schoolmates

Being at school, particularly when one goes to high school, can be one of the best experiences when one is young, but it can also be one of the worst times. Why is this? Unfortunately, it is in precisely…

At the age of 14, he passed an exam to enter a medical faculty, ranking 22nd in the results

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a teenager? Maybe video games, football matches, afternoons spent with friends playing and chatting about age-appropriate topics. All things…

Janitor graduated from the university where he works and made his dream come true

Getting a degree is an important goal for many students, young or old. Sometimes we tend to underestimate the value of a higher education and we tend to believe that once a certain age is reached, it…

Mother sides with her daughter who has been warned twice by the school for wearing shorts

A school dress code is often a cause for controversy, in every country, where arguments are focused on decorum and one will always find, at least, two opposing factions. There are those who argue that…

Father discovers that his son made fun of a classmate because of his footwear: he forces him to wear sandals (+ VIDEO)

Parents provide first examples that a child will follow as they are always around, day after day, and ever since he or she came into the world. It is therefore essential that both mum and dad act with…

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