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A student gets top marks and asks the teacher to give his bonus points to whoever needs them

School should be a safe and inviting place for all children, but in reality it can become a real nightmare for some. There are those who are not happy with their studies, others with don't like their…

Every day he walks to school for nearly 4 miles with his grandfather: on graduation day he bursts into tears of joy

If you have the "misfortune" of being born in a particularly poor country or in a family that lives well below the poverty line, the only really effective weapon to change your status is a good education.…

A janitor brings schoolgirls back into line with cunning: a story with a profound lesson

Being able to have good communication with young people is not at all easy, especially if you play the role of parent or teacher. Teenagers, you know, can be shy in comparison and get stuck, going against…

An 8-year-old girl is expelled from school after confessing to her classmate that she has a crush on her

"The Bible says you can only get married and have children with a man" - were the words of the vice principal of the Rejoice Christian School in Owasso, Oklahoma, to an eight-year-old girl who had told…

4-year-old boy is the only one in the class without a Christmas present: punished by the teachers for being "too restless"

"Santa Claus did not come for him" - this was the comment of one of the teachers who, deliberately, didn't deliver a Christmas present to a 4-year-old boy before the holidays. The little boy's mother…

The children were rude to the bus driver: their mother makes them walk 7 km to school

When it comes to raising children, there can be difficulties for some families. Wife and husband need to agree on the rules to be imposed and the principles to be followed in the home, so that a child…

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