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Before and after! 20 hilarious photos of children on their first day of school after summer vacation!

Admittedly, for many, the first day of school after summer vacation has always been a traumatic experience. After months of tranquility, light-heartedness, vacations, flexible hours, and no one planning…

An 83-year-old grandfather decides to take the middle school exam to get his diploma! Discover why!

We all know that in our lives, we never stop learning, and it is not just a metaphorical way of speaking that refers to life experiences. In fact, there are those individuals who continue until an advanced…

This kindergarten teacher quits her job after 12 years and her explanation for her choice goes viral on the Internet ...

The teacher is perhaps one of the most rewarding professions in the world but, especially in recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to succeed in this field. From different points of view,…

This school has introduced a home economics class where boys learn to wash, iron, and cook

Once generations of young people learned to tidy up and keep their room in order when they were called to do their military service. Today compulsory military service no longer exists, and it is really…

Enough with the obsession with test scores; schools must first teach collaboration

School plays a fundamental role in the education of children, but not only due to the subjects and concepts that children have both the duty and the opportunity to study.  In fact, it represents one…

Piero Angela’s wonderful reflection regarding the important social role of teachers

We could hardly say that there is someone who knows children better than their parents; yet, with confidence, we could certainly say that there is someone who knows a different aspect of their children:…

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