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An 8-year-old boy refuses to do his homework, so the desperate mom turns to the police

What do you do when your child has no intention of doing their homework? There are parents who, after a few quarrels and a raised voice, manage to be heard and those who, on the other hand, find no other…

A 13-year-old is girl expelled from school because her outfit "she distracts the boys"

Every self-respecting environment, such as school or office, has rules that everyone must follow. Among these rules there is often a dress code to be followed daily to avoid being inappropriately dressed.…

3-year-old girl walks around school in her brother's uniform: the principal makes an exception and enrolls her as a pupil

When dreams become part of our life they inevitably become a part of us. No matter at what moment they sneak into our hearts, we are willing to fight with all our might to make them happen. It may happen…

She graduated at the age of 71: a dream that has finally come true

Education is the most precious asset and we should never forget it, especially as there are still many young people in the world today who cannot afford to go to school. In some countries, children are…

50 motorcyclists escort a child to school who was being picked on by his classmates: "Say no to bullying!"

Would you like to be a child again? Many, due to nostalgia, would once again like to find themselves in the carefree shoes of when they were children because, probably, they had fewer problems and their…

At 17 he bullied his teacher, today he is forced to pay him 14,500 euros

When we talk about bullying we immediately think of a school situation common to many children and young people today: some older children taking it out on the little ones, as well as those they consider…

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