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An autistic boy fails his exams and his teacher sends his parents a letter that will touch your heart

All parents want the best for their children. Also, the parents of Ben Twist, an 11-year-old autistic boy, wish him well, but the results of his SATs exam demoralized them. The SATs exam is one of the…

This is what bullying does! Here is the painful denunciation of a mother tired of seeing her daughter in the hospital

Little Sofia's story reminds us how minimizing bullying and saying that it is only "the typical behavior of children" is dangerous. A mother, Carrie Golledge, has published a post on Facebook to warn…

A teacher creates an "I Need" box and when she reads her student's wants and needs she is very surprised

A teacher is never a person who teaches only subjects to children because when it comes to raising a child, a teacher is an authority figure like a child's parents, indeed, in some cases, even more crucial.…

A teacher is fired for giving too low a grade to students and her story horrifies thousands of people!

After teaching for over 15 years in Florida, history teacher Diane Tirado had to learn at her own expense a harsh truth about the modern public education system. Namely, that protecting students from…

A professor obliges his students to lock up their smartphones and he starts a "trend" among his colleagues.

Teaching methods in schools change quickly, having to take into consideration the rapid changes that take place from generation to generation. In fact, today's children are born in the age of smartphones…

Here is why a child should always do their homework ON THEIR OWN!

Starting school on the right foot, is never simple, especially during the first years. Children are faced with a new reality made up of duties and tasks to learn to do on their own. For this reason, it…

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