Child falls from a slide in the playground…
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Child falls from a slide in the playground and gets hurt: his father decides to repair it rather than sue the municipality

June 30, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Every parent has the well-being of their children at heart - no one would want their child to get hurt, especially if they are playing in an area where there should be no danger. At the playground, for example, every kid should feel safe and play freely with their peers among the various rides and slides. Too often, however, these are run-down and neglected places, where even a slide could be a danger to the safety of children. This is what happened in a little park in the province of Turin, where a child was injured when he fell from a faulty slide. The father, instead of laying a charge against the Municipality, decided to repair the slide himself to prevent other children from getting hurt.

via: La Stampa

The playground in question had already been at the center of several controversies precisely because of its state of neglect, but the father of the child who got injured while playing there decided to take matters into his own hands and to personally solve the problem. Thanks to the help of the child's uncle, the father repaired the slide with a new board, and declined to sue the Municipality. "A sign of great civility" was one of the comments on the web, after the news about the man's actions spread. But the truth is that the Municipality should have done more. In fact, the residents are now asking for a full intervention to restore the playground which is dedicated to their children. Safety is a top priority for these parents which is why they have started a petition which, at the moment, already has the signatures of hundreds of concerned people.

A public park with a playground dedicated to children cannot have a broken gate or an unsafe fence. And it is not fair to ask citizens to undertake to repair everything at their own expense - especially after each citizen has already contributed to public spending by paying taxes. Surely, we must insist on pushing our civil servants to do the right thing: it is not just normal wear and tear that ruins equipment in a playground - it is the ignorance and a lack of civic duty of the local government that cause the greatest problems.

If it this had happened to your child, what would you have done?

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