A woman leaves a child alone at home…
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A woman leaves a child alone at home for 9 days: he saves himself by asking the neighbors for help

May 22, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes there are stories and episodes that have the power to simply leave us speechless. We are talking about situations and behaviors that we would never want to witness, and that speak volumes about the very low sense of responsibility of certain people.

A sad example is the 39-year-old woman we are about to tell you about, a woman who, in Florida, has seriously endangered the life of a child who is supposed to be the son of her partner, beyond any common sense and care. A woman who left a child alone in the house for 9 long days without water, food, or electricity: it's a truly shocking case.

via: Daily Mail

It seems impossible, but that's exactly what happened when the woman, Autumn Lee Beede, decided to leave home for a few days, leaving the child completely alone, to his fate. Despite telling the child to take care of himself, the child was still forced to seek help from neighbors, given the conditions he found himself in.

And it was thanks to the intervention of a person who lives in the district that law enforcement officers intervened on the spot. The scene that the agents found on their arrival is one of those, to say the least, terrible: the hygiene conditions of the house were very bad, and there was not even running water and electricity in the house, while food was scarce: reasons why the boy was forced to seek help from neighbors.

When the woman was traced woman she was immediately arrested on charges of abandoning a child. Released shortly after thanks to a $ 5,000 bond, the woman will still face trial. According to what was reported by the child - whose age is not known - the woman repeatedly refused to enter the house to check the situation, occupied by who knows what more urgent and burdensome commitments. 

An episode that, as mentioned, really horrifies and on which, further to developments of the investigation, really sad and unacceptable details have emerged. The hope is that stories like this can serve everyone to understand the importance of acting with humanity and responsibility.

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