She is pregnant and has Coronavirus:…
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She is pregnant and has Coronavirus: after 10 days in a coma she wakes up and finds out she has given birth to a beautiful baby girl

May 04, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Although the situation due to the Coronavirus is tragic, there are episodes with a happy ending that manage to instill a little hope and courage for the future. In Vancouver, Washington State, a young 33-week-old pregnant woman had a terrible experience because of the virus, which led her to spend 17 days in hospital, including 10 in a coma. As if that wasn't enough, on waking up she discovered that she had given birth to her little baby, 6 weeks prematurely. It was not easy for Angela Primachenko to recover from Coronavirus and, at the same time, to wait to embrace her little Ava (this is the name of her second daughter) who, finally, was able to get out of the neonatal intensive care unit after a few days.

via: Today

The woman had started to experience the first symptoms of Covid-19 mistaking them for seasonal allergies. Over the days the symptoms continued to worsen and, Angela being a health worker, for safety, was tested to check if she had contracted the virus. The test showed that the young woman was actually suffering from Coronavirus. After being hospitalized, the doctors decided to induce a coma, in order to help her fight the virus with all her strength. Angela was in an induced coma for 10 days and on waking up she discovered that she had given birth to little Ava. 

The baby was born prematurely, 6 weeks before her official due date, and remained in intensive care for a few days. Additionally, Angela didn't have a chance to hold her in her arms, as she still had the symptoms of Coronavirus. An X-ray of her lungs showed a critical situation in her lungs. Despite this, a few hours later, Angela's condition miraculously improved: she no longer needed a respirator and the doctors were able to accompany her out of intensive care. It was a very intense time, when all the doctors applauded Angela leaving the ward.


"I feel like a living miracle," said the young woman. Despite her exit from the hospital, however, Angela had to have tested negative for 2 tests for Coronavirus before she could embrace her little Ava. Despite all the difficulties, however, mom and daughter have managed to overcome this difficult beginning.

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