Young mother gives birth in the tunnels…
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Young mother gives birth in the tunnels of the Kiev metro: "It's a small miracle"

March 28, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Despair and desperation also impose duties on one and this is perhaps how a young Ukrainian woman gave birth to her beautiful daughter in the underground tunnels of the Kiev metro, in a truly stressful context. The young mother gave birth to her daughter while the conflict between the Russians and Ukrainians raged overhead in her city, Kiev. Certainly, these should not be the conditions in which an infant should start their life, but her birth nevertheless represented a symbol of light and hope in a very dark, historical moment for the whole world.

With the outbreak of the conflict between the two Slavic countries, part of the population of Kiev immediately sought refuge in the undergrounds of the subway, hoping to escape to safety. This is where many different realities met and many lives were radically changed within a few hours. Among the sheltering crowd, there is also a young, pregnant woman - a 23-year-old who was about to give birth. The situation was dramatic and desperate, it is true, but there was no other choice: the young woman had to give birth and she did it right there in the subway under her city, with the help of some of the other refugees. The birth of little Mia was a real "miracle", which brought a bit of light and hope to those who were experiencing truly horrific moments of brutal war. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the photos of the new mother and the baby are going viral around the world over the internet in the last few hours.

Mia was born this night in stressful environment- bombing of Kyiv. Her mom is happy after this challenging birth...

Pubblicato da Hanna Hopko su Venerdì 25 febbraio 2022

Police officer, Mykola Shlapak, reported that he had helped the young woman to give birth and that a few moments later, he called an ambulance that took them both to the hospital, where fortunately the doctors confirmed they were both in excellent health.

Becoming a mother is an important, stressful, but beautiful moment: we cannot imagine how it could have been for this young woman to have undergone it in this awful way. There are no words to describe the apprehension she must have felt, but she said she was very happy that she had given birth and that everything had gone well. It seems that Mia was not the only child born under these circumstances - another woman gave birth to a boy in the same conditions shortly thereafter. Incidents like this that make you think and perhaps gives us a little hope for the future.


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