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24 examples of how street art can give life to the dull and lifeless corners of cities

Although it is often viewed in an extremely negative way, so-called street art can, in fact, be considered a typically contemporary artistic expression. As well as being a manifestation of an imagination…

22 acts of urban vandalism that will surprise you with their genius

Vandalism is almost always considered to be a crime, but sometimes it is manifested in forms that can positively contribute to the appearance of a city. Vandalism can, in fact, give that touch of humor…

This artist transforms the anonymous facades of buildings into lively, full-fledged frescoes

We do not always realize that the environment around us has a lot of influence on our moods and therefore our way of seeing the world. When an artist comes to make a neighborhood more vibrant and beautiful,…

When urban vandalism becomes clever and cool ...

Potholes on the streets, light poles leaning or that have fallen down, entire neighborhoods without an iota of vitality ... Often waiting for some intervention from city authorities to eliminate or…
Art City Genius Street art

Hey! Even GEESE know where and when to cross the street ...

Education is the basis of the rules for good coexistence, whether it be at home or any other social environment. The street is no exception --- both drivers of vehicles and pedestrians must comply with…
Absurd Animals City

In Prague -- a moving sculpture of Kafka!

He wanted to criticize and make a statement about public institutions while at the same time paying homage to the Czech Republic's best-known author, Kafta with a very particular public sculpture representing…

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