Here are the skills that are hidden…
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Here are the skills that are hidden behind the six most famous magic tricks!

November 26, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Have you too, while watching TV, ever wondered how the magician was able to cut a woman in half in the "magic box"?

Have you been able to figure out how it is possible for a pencil to pass through a banknote without dividing it into two parts? Today we are ready to reveal these and other illusion-producing skills!

In fact, here are the skills used to perform six magic tricks that you have been most passionate about since you were a child.

The woman cut in half in the "magic box" trick

How is the magician always able to saw the wooden chest containing his assistant, separating her body in two? When the magician's assistant gets into the chest, in reality only the first half of her body is actually in the chest. At the same time in the second half of the wooden chest what you see are the legs or feet of another assistant!  It's simple no?!

The banknote that is never cut in two magic trick

The illusion produced by this popular magic trick is hidden in the pencil, not in the banknote! In fact, the magician uses a pencil that has been previously divided in half and then assembled with magnets. In this way, the banknote can easily pass through the pencil without being torn.


The "levitating fakir" aka the " floating or levitating man" magic trick

In this case, the balance and strength of the functional support unit that extends from below the carpet to the legs are fundamental, as it also passes through the hand-held stick. Try to take a look at the magician's wide sleeves and you will see the trick!

The "glass that disappears into nothing" magic trick

Use a glass (but for practice, you can also use a tin can), a sheet of paper and a table. First, cover the glass with the sheet of paper, pressing it to mark the edges of the glass on the sheet itself, and slide it towards the edge of the table.  While holding the glass close to your body, with a quick gesture, slide your glass to the floor or onto your lap, if you are seated. On the sheet, the edges of the glass will still be imprinted and the viewer will not notice anything. With one blow crush the paper in your hand and the glass will look like it has really disappeared or disintegrated because of the blow to the paper!  

If you want to understand better how this magic trick works, watch here!

The "Zig Zag " woman magic trick

The magician's assistant, must have a slim and very flexible body, and be able to not move either the hand or the foot that emerges from the boxes during the movement of the latter. Sometimes magic is nothing other than physical ability, nothing more!


Michael Jackson's personal magic trick!

image: imgur.com

Do you remember Michael Jackson's incredible bow, the one in the famous song and video "Smooth Criminal", where he touches the floor defying the laws of gravity? In fact, the singer's body was able to bend over 45 degrees thanks to a pair of special shoes with the heel attached to some screws in the floor! Once the shoe is blocked, it was easy to do this seemingly impossible movement. Once again physical ability and some ingenious optical illusion make this trick a success!

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