Street vendor covers her dishes with…
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Street vendor covers her dishes with cling film to keep them clean: the clever technique that attracted mixed opinions

July 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

One of the most boring household chores is probably washing the dishes after dinner or lunch, and some people are able to develop ways of doing these chores that go well beyond logic and reason to avoid these boring tasks. This is what happened to a Peruvian street food vendor who came up with an ingenious way of serving her Mexican food. The woman, a resident of Lima, the capital of Peru, has a successful street business: she serves homemade food such as rice and stew from a small transportable kiosk (food cart).

This food seller, who does not use disposable plates, had to find a way to be productive and not waste time washing dishes in order to provide a fast service to her customers - and also saving water and time in the process. To do this she delivers each customer's plate lined with a disposable plastic covering (cling film), onto which food is served. Once her customers are done, they return the plate to her and she removes the plastic, leaving the dishes completely clean.

TikTok user "kattyhilarion", was fascinated by the food seller's ingenuity, and decided to record a video to upload to social media. However, as often happens on the internet, the entrepreneur's food-delivery technique has received divided opinions from users of the web.

Some were struck by the inventiveness of the lady food seller: "This is called creativity, it is what I will do when my family comes to visit me, so we can save water", wrote one user.


Some, however, were not impressed by the approach of the street vendor, claiming to have already seen this technique used in many other countries around the world: "In Mexico, tacos have been served like this for years", commented a user.

Finally, others underlined the environmental impact that this technique can actually have, given that if approach saves water, on the other hand it requires the massive use of plastic bags and other plastic materials: "Without a doubt, some applaud this technique because it is ingenious and creative, but others criticize the practice of not washing the dishes because they consider it to be a highly polluting habit due to the amount of plastic materials she has to use and throw away every day," explained another user.

What do you think of this this food seller's dirty-plate solution?

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