Woman's boyfriend gives her a 14 euro necklace for her 30th birthday: she interprets it as a "lack of commitment"

Mark Bennett

September 25, 2022

Woman's boyfriend gives her a 14 euro necklace for her 30th birthday: she interprets it as a

Birthdays are special occasions, but they become even more so when the round figures are reached, such as twenty, thirty, forty and so on. When you start a new decade of life, it is normal to feel like organizing something special with your loved ones and, especially, with your partner. But what your better half does not get "involved" enough in the celebrations?

This is what a young woman asked herself who, when she turned thirty, received a cheap gift from her boyfriend.

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"I have been with my boyfriend for only nine months - not long, I admit. The fact remains that I feel disappointed and sad by the lack of commitment he showed on my 30th birthday," wrote the woman.

"He gave me a random birthday card that had a generic greeting. In fact, I got the feeling he had bought it for some other occasion and used it for me. Apart from that, the thing that left me speechless was getting a necklace that broke 10 minutes after I put it on. It looked really cheap and he told me he bought it on the internet ... I searched for it and it cost only 14 euros. He is very caring and affectionate, he tells me every day that he loves me, but this was so disappointing. We went out for a birthday lunch and he suggested we each pay half," she continued.

Pexels - Not the Actual Photo

The woman stated that her boyfriend has no financial problems, has a lot of savings and often spends a lot of money on himself. "I don't know what to tell him. I don't want to make him angry, but I don't feel very special for him and I'm sorry about his lack of romance and his lack of thoughtfulness on my 30th birthday", she concluded, asking for advice from the web.

Most users agreed with the woman - not so much about the price tag of her gift, but about her boyfriend's thoughtlessness: "He could buy something cheap, but he could also have organized a surprise for you - watching a movie you chose together or cooking you a birthday dinner, for example," wrote one reader.

In short, there were alternatives and this man could have surprised the birthday girl in many ways, but he did not: what do you think?