Man's suitcase exceeds the weight limit: he puts on all his clothes before boarding the plane -
Man's suitcase exceeds the weight limit:…
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Man's suitcase exceeds the weight limit: he puts on all his clothes before boarding the plane

July 20, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you go on a trip outside your city or country, you try to bring everything you need with you. However, people often come back with more things than expected and, at times, there are so things bought that one can find it difficult to fit everything back in the suitcase: this is exactly what happened to a tourist who resorted to desperate measures to get all the goodies he had in his suitcase. When he went to Ezeiza International Airport in Argentina, he discovered that his suitcase exceeded the allowed weight and he would have to pay a surcharge. At this point, the man decided to get creative.

The tourist gave information about his flight to the airport staff to start the boarding process, but his suitcase exceeded the weight allowed by the airline, and the only way to get it on the plane was to pay the relevant excess charge. So the man made an unusual decision to avoid paying this extra when boarding a flight to Bogota, Colombia.

He opened the suitcase and began to put on every single item of clothing in his luggage, one by one. Dozens of passengers witnessed the scene in disbelief and one user even filmed it and shared it on Twitter.

The video is only 20 seconds long and shows the man hastily donning many of his items of clothing to lighten the load, as he was unwilling to pay the excess and opted to open up his suitcase and put on at least three changes of clothes. Some who witnessed the scene said he "even put two or three pairs of socks in his pockets". The video quickly went viral and garnered almost half a million views, doing the rounds in a very short time.

Some viewers found the scene hilarious and others expressed solidarity with the passenger, explaining that they had often found themselves in a similar situation but that they simply paid the excess and have never thought of using such an original solution. Would you have done this if you had thought of it?

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