Evil Eye: an ancient negative energy technique that our grandmothers learned how to recognize

by Shirley Marie Bradby

August 07, 2019

Evil Eye: an ancient negative energy technique that our grandmothers learned how to recognize

Spells, hexes, and the evil eye are all deliberate concentrations of negative vibrations that can harm our health.  

Many people remain skeptical of these topics, but it is undeniable that the evil eye is one of the most rooted folk traditions and one from which many people still flee, afraid of the consequences --- even if officially they say they do not believe in this negative energy!

True or not, our grandmothers have always warned us, telling us to watch out for the evil eye. Indeed, there are some people who really do emit negative energy, which we do not initially, perhaps, even notice because we do not fully understand what is transpiring.

Over time, however, the effects of this negative energy come to the surface, with all the inevitable consequences. But how can we determine if someone has put an evil eye on us?

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An egg, in addition to being a protein-rich food, can help us to understand if we are "a victim of negative energy" and if someone wants to hurt us. Here are the simple ingredients you need and what you need to do:

  • one egg
  • water
  • One transparent glass 
  • Two or three tablespoons of sea salt

Take the uncracked egg and rub it gently all over your body, from head to toe. It is best to do this while you are at home, alone and try to be calm and empty your mind of your thoughts. Fill the transparent glass three-fourths with water and then add the salt. Next, crack the egg open, directly into the glass filled with water. Now, look closely at what shapes appear and try to interpret their meaning:

Bubbles on the surface of the water: This means that you have accumulated too much negative energy in your body, which is trying desperately to be released in some way.

Red dots in the egg yolk: This means disease or illness; You should be careful about your health and immediately seek medical attention.

The face of a person: It may seem crazy, but if you notice that the form or shapes of the liquid from the broken egg remind you of a certain person, this means that it is that person who is sending you negative vibrations and wants to hurt you.

Forms shaped like threads or needles: These forms represent the envy of people around you and their true feelings towards you.

Many bubbles: Very dangerous! This is a clear sign of the evil eye.

No particular form, but all your aches and pains have disappeared: If you cannot distinguish any shapes created after breaking the egg in the water but you suddenly feel all your aches and pains, and also your anxiety and stress are gone --- then perhaps you were just a little bit too worried about something!

Spiral figures: They represent the physical discomforts you have perceived but have been trying to completely ignore.

Floating egg yolk: This definitely means that someone has put an evil eye spell on you and is sending you negative vibrations because, normally, egg yolk goes straight down to the bottom of the glass.