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"18 Summers" --- an inspiring letter…
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"18 Summers" --- an inspiring letter from a grandmother who makes us reflect on how quickly time passes ...

August 07, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Remember, that "the days are long, but the years are very short.”  This saying contains an undeniable and absolute truth, namely, that time passes relentlessly and the period of our youth seems to pass in a flash.

This is especially true in regards to parents who know very well this aspect of life and the passage of time, since they live it every day, together with their own children.

How many times have moms and dads asked themselves how is it that time passes so quickly, and that almost from one moment to the next, without them realizing it, their children have suddenly grown up?

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The inspiring letter "18 Summers", written by a grandmother named Isabel that was shared on the Internet thanks to the Mas allà del Rosa o Azul blog is based on this profound reflection. This grandmother's words are truly inspirational:

"18 summers. You can count them on your fingers and toes. That is if you are lucky because nowadays, children fly away very early from the nest.

So instead of waiting eagerly for the moment when you can finally sit on your beach towel and open your book, instead, you will look forward to the moment you no longer have to sit on your towel or read because your smartphone will ring or you will receive a text message.

It is your daughter who tells you how her summer is going, what she is doing and when they will come to visit you. Or to let you know that a grandchild is on the way.

You will be lying on your beach towel, reading and waiting for your smartphone to ring and it will seem as if the time will never pass. Waiting for your smartphone to ring or a text message to arrive will seem like an eternity, and then you will remember those 18 summers when you could not wait for the moment when you could finally lie down on your beach towel and read a little.

18 summers. Now they may seem like an eternity but I assure you they will fly by in the blink of an eye. Treasure and remember these days when you are together with them on the beach or on vacation.

When they still call you "momma", or when they ask you to come with them to play in the water, and you think, "No, I just want a minute to lie on the beach and read". 18 summers.

Have a lot of fun with them because those moments are unique. Because soon you will wonder how they passed so quickly! With love, a grandmother."

Time waits for no one and it always travels in one direction, that is, towards the future, and never the past.

Mothers and fathers all over the world know this very well! Children grow up quickly, almost without us realizing it, and soon they will fly away from the nest and want to create their own life. But that's how life goes.

Parents, who are full of love for their children, cannot do anything but create inspiring and loving stories that remain as indelible memories of those carefree days that will never be erased. Not even by the passing of time.


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