According to a Japanese research study,…
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According to a Japanese research study, these eight recurring dreams may reveal something about your mental health

January 07, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It has happened to almost everyone to have had such vivid dreams at night that the next day, after waking up, everything felt different, and not at all in the same way as the previous nights.

If it was a beautiful dream, we will probably be in a good mood throughout the day, but if it was a nightmare we will most likely feel nervous and somewhat stressed.

The fact is that, according to research studies conducted by the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Tokyo (Japan), the objects or people with whom we come in contact during the day are observed and analyzed and then they return in some way in the form of dreams during the night, as if they were warnings.

Here are the eight types of dreams, which according to the Japanese laboratory, we should pay particular attention to and why.

  • Death: Dreaming of dying could mean that a great change is about to happen in our life. While dreaming that someone who is still alive has died can signify that the "unfortunate" person will instead have a long and fruitful life.
  • Pregnancy: Dreaming of being pregnant can mean that although you are working hard to achieve a goal, you still do not feel satisfied.  Instead, dreaming of seeing a pregnant woman can predict short-term sadness and negativity.
  • Nudity: Dreaming of being naked can mean that something positive is about to happen in your life. Whereas imagining situations where other people you know are nude or undressed, can have more negative, but short-lived effects on our lives.
  • Being chased: Usually, this is not a positive dream. The pursuer can often represent an allegorical bearer of heavy burdens and anxieties in real life that we would like to get rid of.
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  • Falling: Usually, dreaming of falling is very common, and at least once in our life we ​​have all dreamed of falling. However, the hidden meaning, according to experts, is to be found in the desire to come to grips with something or to manage some aspects of our life that currently seem to be "slipping" out of our hands.
  • Flying: Dreaming of flying can be an indication of having a lot of self-confidence and conviction regarding one's abilities and goals, but also of a growing need for freedom.
  • Teeth: Experts suggest that dreaming about teeth can have various meanings. For example, the upper row is linked to men and the lower one to women. The front teeth are related to siblings, those in the middle to one's father and the paternal relationship. The right part indicates the male relatives and the left side indicates the mother and the maternal family relatives. And the back teeth are associated with distant relatives. Dreaming about healthy teeth can be a sign of positivity linked to the people that those teeth represent, but the meaning is negative if those teeth have cavities. 
  • Fire: Fire has always been an element linked to inner anger, passion, and hidden desires. In fact, very often, dreaming of fire or flames can mean that there is an emergency situation that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Have you had one of these dreams at least once in your lifetime?


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