Physical pain could be linked directly to your emotional state and here is why ... -
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Physical pain could be linked directly…
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Physical pain could be linked directly to your emotional state and here is why ...

July 03, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Although we may not be used to thinking of them as such, the body and mind are two closely related entities.

Although science has amply demonstrated this correlation, our culture is still strongly linked to a concept that defines them as two separate entities.

This way of thinking often leads us to ignore those signals that the body sends us when it comes to physical pain caused by psychological reasons.

Yet a strong emotion can actually affect our body, ending up being the main cause of physical pain. The dividing line between physical pain and psychological pain is very subtle, consequently, it is a good idea to learn to understand their relationship. 

In this article we want to show you the various types of physical pain related to our emotional state:

image: Flickr

Muscle pain: Many of the muscle pains we feel, for example, are often due to a state of anxiety and the amount of stress accumulated during the week. Anxiety is, in fact, one of the main causes of widespread muscular pain, due to the fact that when we feel anxious we perceive a situation of "danger" and, for this reason, our muscles contract. If our state of anxiety continues for longer than normal, then at the end of the day, we will feel as if we have been doing a sports activity for too long (unfortunately, without enjoying the benefits that physical activity entails!). 

Neck pain: This type of pain is related to "forgiveness". Are you having trouble forgiving someone or yourself? Well, then it means that this strong sense of guilt that you carry around could be the cause of your persistent neck pain. 

Headache: One of the reasons why, at times, we are suddenly hit by a severe headache, has to do with our decision-making power. When faced with difficult choices we cannot think calmly and our body reacts by sending us certain signals.

image: Flickr

Gum pains: When it is linked to psychological reasons, gum pain can be linked to problems of insecurity and lack of commitment. 

Stomach pain: If the stomach pain does not originate from a specific disorder, then this means that we cannot accept or, better to say, "digest" some events or situations in our lives. 

Shoulder pains: It happens that, at times, we take on other people's problems without even realizing it. This causes an emotional overload that can lead to shoulder pain.

image: pixabay

Back pain: This type of pain can have two different meanings, depending on where it is most evident: in the upper back or in the lower back. If the perceived pain is in the upper part, it means that we feel an emotional void, that we feel "abandoned"; if instead, it is the lower back that is feeling the pain, then it means that we have financial concerns, and the condition of constant sacrifice to which we are subjected makes us feel pain. 

Hand pain: Experiencing pain in the hands could mean that you are trying to obtain something that is very difficult, such as connecting with people, who are not very easy to approach.

image: pixabay

Toothache: This type of pain is always strongly linked to stress and states of tension. When we feel like this, we tend to grit our teeth, especially during sleep. 

Knee pain: Perhaps we, are trying to satisfy more demands than we can realistically handle. 

Foot pain: This kind of pain appears when you feel depressed and you have very low self-esteem

Arm pain: Perhaps you have an emotional burden that is too heavy to bear and that does not allow you to move forward in your life.

Unbelievable how our mind can affect the way our body functions!


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