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Having to say goodbye to a parent is…
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Having to say goodbye to a parent is heartbreaking, and no one is ever sufficiently prepared

November 23, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Unfortunately, life sooner or later forces us to face deeply painful moments, such as illness and the consequent loss of a parent.

When it happens suddenly it is normal not to be ready, but in reality, you are never really prepared for the last goodbye, even when the time comes at the end of a period of suffering.

No one likes to have to think about when they will have to say goodbye to their mother or father for the last time.

Yet there is a way to live this very difficult moment with full respect for both those who leave and those who remain.

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No one is ever really ready to let go of those who brought us into the world, the most important people in their lives to whom we owe practically everything.

No one knows what to say, what to expect, how to behave in the face of such a great loss. The fact is that nobody knows when it will happen.

Precisely, for this reason, it is good that the demonstrations of affection or the simple fact of being present for our parents are not reserved only for the last period of their life, but it should be daily.

Too many people discover that they can love their parents in a way that they have never done before but they can no longer do this because it is too late.

But the pain is not only of those who remain, clearly we must not forget that the loved one, however much they are suffering, they are aware of their situation. Therefore, it often turns out to be comforting for them to have precise in formation about their condition.

Consequently, this is why it is highly advised not to lie to them about their true state of health.

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Saying farewell is a journey to an unknown place, however, talking about it paradoxically makes it much less scary.

That is the moment to take the hands of your loved one, reassure them about whatever worries they have about what or who they will leave behind and tell them that everything will work out for the best.

Speak openly, with your heart in your hand, let the conversation take any direction, even if it is not logical.

Use the time to remember the most beautiful moments and also the funny ones because even in a moment of discomfort, it is permissible to smile and laugh together, indeed it is a must.

Moreover, it is time to show appreciation, love, and gratitude. You can start by saying "I've always appreciated you for ...", or "I've always admired you because ...", or any way you feel is appropriate.

Of course, no one wants to think of a painful event like this, before it actually arrives. Yet, becoming aware of it helps to make better use of the time available to us and to live the final farewell with less pain and sorrow, as far as possible.


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