This message is for you, the one who always worries about others and never about yourself -
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This message is for you, the one who…
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This message is for you, the one who always worries about others and never about yourself

December 31, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For you who has such a big heart, that you cannot keep it all for yourself. For you, who has a natural instinct to give to others that is not reflected in this society where the most selfish person wins.

You who cannot be insincere with anyone you meet, you who dare to look into another person's eyes with the same innocence with which you look at a child. You who always leave room for forgiveness. 

Moreover, despite everything you have experienced, you have not been able to become as insensitive as the people around you. Do not be ashamed of this.

Just continue to be yourself, the transparent person you have always been because that is what makes you unique in the mass of indifference.

You are always available to help your neighbor and you give what you have without worrying about receiving something in return. Do not let these uncivilized times deprive you of what you have that is so precious. 

There are few people in the world like you, those who give and remain empty-handed. You are one of those people who will never look back, they will never regret having always given and never received. It was worth it, you helped someone and you also enriched your soul.

Many people consider you weak and submissive. But it does not matter if they think this way, it just means they do not deserve to have the privilege of being by your side.

There are only a few people around you, but they are the ones you can trust. You have suffered to see some people who you thought were friends leave, but you still hope that life will be kind to them. You pardoned them and gave them a second chance, but it has not always helped because the world is like that, it is made up of people of more or less value.

It will happen again, and you already know that you will commit the same "mistake". But for you, it is really difficult not to do good for others. Those who turn their backs on you, lose the chance to know a rarity, a person who leaves an indelible and positive mark. 

You feel bad if you are forced to say no --- when something is not within your possibilities. But you should remember that it is not by always giving everyone everything they want, that the world will be a better place. There is nothing wrong with postponing an appointment, not answering a message, or not wanting to talk to anyone --- you cannot always forget about yourself.

It is not easy to go against nature, but try: Do yourself a favor, love yourself at least as much as you love to worry about others.

You have a thousand eyes for everyone else, but you must have just as many for yourself. It is only by loving yourself more, that you can also improve your relationship with others by making everything more balanced. Appreciate yourself more and you will be able to surround yourself only with people who are worth giving everything that you have.


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