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Video Art

An illustrator shows how wonderful living alone can be for a woman

There is a difference between being lonely and living alone. Yes, because solitude is not always a bad thing, indeed in some cases it can be a great form of responsibility, independence and inner resilience;…

Love is in the details: 10 photos that show couples doing everyday things together

Love is probably the strongest feeling we experience during our everyday lives. Most of us don't need extravagant gifts or declarations of our partner's undying love for us everyday; the more simple gestures,…
Art Love

This man creates sand sculptures so detailed and realistic that they seem to come to life

Have you ever thought that art could be made with sand? The artist Andoni Bastarrika, originally from the Basque Country, seems to have amply demonstrated that he can create real works of art simply by…

This girl's sweet drawings manage to describe love better than many romantic words

There are scenes with which everyone, sooner or later, can empathise and identify. Let's think for a moment about our daily lives and our relationships as couples: there are certainly many situations…
Art Drawing Love

At school, they scolded him because he never stops drawing but he is hired to decorate a wall in a restaurant

Behind an "unruly" child at school, there may often be a sociable, creative, active child. For this reason, we must never judge by appearances, because the truth could be quite different. This is the…

This artist has created sculptures hidden in the woods to make visitors appreciate the concept of upcycling!

Thomas Dambo is not just any artist and his gigantic works hidden in the dense forests of Denmark prove it. The Danish artist revives in the form of giant figures, the famous trolls that populate the…

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