A company transforms children's drawings…
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A company transforms children's drawings into magnificent pendants that can be kept forever

April 11, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Every parent keeps a memory of their young children: baby clothes, milk teeth or a drawing. 

A company based in Turkey has thought of a way to make children's drawings much more than a nice memory on paper for parents.

In fact, the idea is to turn the figures from children's doodles and sketches into jewelry, such as a pendant. And in this way, parents can - by always carrying or wearing it - save a magnificent memory of their children's childhood.

 A portrait of a mother.

The bond between mother and child.


 Another portrait of the most important person in the world, our mother!

 A cat seen through the eyes of a child.

 A dancer.


 A beautiful butterfly.

 A small footprint.


 A clown or a cowboy?

 A small gift from your daughter.


 Here is how a precious jewel can be born from a few pencil or pen strokes.

There is no limit to children's imagination!

The company can transform any design into a pendant!


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