10 principles concerning the law of karma that will change your life

Shirley Marie Bradby

May 16, 2019

10 principles concerning the law of karma that will change your life

Each individual, in order to live in harmony, must nourish and preserve a healthy equilibrium within their mind, body, and soul.

Every day, the countless situations to which we subject this delicate relationship, put it to the test, causing discomfort and turning people into transmitters of negativity.

To break this cycle, and to create and maintain a peaceful existence, it may be useful to follow the law of karma or "cause and effect". Here are its cardinal principles.

  • Responsibility. Too often one blames someone or something for one's condition, instead, one has to take proper responsibility. Everything is connected, even the things that are seemingly meaningless. Each phase of life is a means of passage to the next. 
  • Focus. Paying attention to too many things at the same time dissipates energy and frustrates results. To maximize efforts, focus on one task at a time. Nostalgia for the past and anxiety for future compromise inner peace. The key to serenity is to live in the present. 
  • Causality. We reap what we sow, so to receive positivity, we have to give positivity.
  • Creation. Positive or negative things do not just happen, instead, they are made to happen. Therefore, to create situations, one must act. 
  • Acceptance. Life is made of good and evil, we must be serenely aware of it without dwelling too much on the reasons or consequences. One cannot dominate or manage one's surrounding environment but one can exercise control over oneself by generating change and growth. 
  • Learning. History, even personal history, must always teach one something otherwise one is condemned to always repeat the same mistakes. Desiring everything immediately leads to constant dissatisfaction and unhappiness. The just reward comes at the right time, and one has to know how to wait.


These principles are a bit like proposing a "diet" for the spirit, to be followed to purify it of harmful influences and to let healing light and vital lymph flow through it.

Even without strictly following each of these principles, one can begin today to enjoy a fuller and richer existence simply by practicing kindness, with oneself and others.

In fact, small daily gestures of courtesy and altruism set in motion a virtuous cycle of love and joy, thus activating a mutually beneficial exchange of positive vibrations. 

Instead of insisting on changing what cannot be changed, one must turn one's attention to things that can be improved, thereby, producing understanding, satisfaction, and well-being.