These cakes are so exceptional that…
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These cakes are so exceptional that it is hard to believe they are real

July 09, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The time arrives for the cake to appear and certainly, the theme chosen to celebrate the event is not random but then they turn off the lights and what is placed on the table is something that does not look like a cake at all ...

Yes, because today's pastry chefs are so good at their job that to fulfill the wishes of a customer, they are willing and able to go beyond all expectations! 

These superlative examples of cake design will, however, leave you with doubt! It is really a cake or it actually something that is inedible?

Who would have thought that there was a sponge cake inside?

Incredible, outside and inside!


What a marvelous rose ...

A river flowing with ... chocolate!

image: Imgur

So cute! Perfect to celebrate a baby's birthday!


A truly irresistible "box of chocolates" cake!

There is also a pig splattered with mud that, in this case, we would be happy to taste!


 The tree trunk cake ... also seems to be popular!

image: Pinterest

These hedgehogs seem to be a good excuse to make everything chocolate!


LEGO Passion --- pastry chefs also have to invent something to make children happy!

Sweet chocolate petals to detach one at a time ...

A cake that looks like a pizza!? Yes, this is certainly a bizarre choice!

 To make going back to school after the summer holidays MUCH less painful!

An explosion of colors for a nationalistic cake!

Ok, we are not sure we would eat this one ... IT'S TOO beautiful!

And there is also a Disney Up house cake!

The risk of putting it on someone's head is high ...

A beautiful cake for those with a passion for reading.

And if you want to show everyone what your personal library looks like ... There are those who can help you!

Another small masterpiece of incredible detail and elegance.

A cake that not everyone would have the courage to eat !!!

Finally, the most delicious lipstick you've ever seen!

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