These delightful colored drawings show…
Whoever is absent too long ends up losing their place in the lives of others Those who are happy with themselves do not speak ill of others.

These delightful colored drawings show us that true love is expressed in the small gestures of everyday life

February 20, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Love is a powerful and universal feeling, which for centuries a myriad of poets, painters, and artists of all kinds have tried to describe and explain.

In some epochs, it has been idealized and presented as a pure feeling, in others the more turbid and unconfessable aspects have been exalted. 

What makes love so magnetic and attractive is precisely its ability to change and to not be fully described. In fact, each person, depending on their sensitivity, is able to suggest love, whisper it, define its form, and acknowledge the overall feeling. 

This is the case of the illustrator Amanda Oleander, who gives us a very sweet image of married life, with which each of us can identify. Here, according to her, what it means to be in love.

Being in love means embracing and hugging each other --- and letting go of problems, even if you have been separated only for a few hours

It means nourishing yourself not only physically, but also in the soul.


It also means allowing yourself to break the rules

Spending hours on the couch, just for the pleasure of being close to each other

Becoming a couch potato, eating and - why not - also getting a little fat!


Doing nonsensical things without caring about what others think

Holding hands when you are in the car


Falling asleep in each other's arms

Cooking and experimenting with new recipes together


Sharing even the most mundane moments

Finding a compromise, even when personal interests are different

Accepting things with a little philosophy!

Not being afraid to show yourself as you are, even when you are not at the height of your beauty!

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