Love is in the details: 10 photos that…
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Love is in the details: 10 photos that show couples doing everyday things together

July 08, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Love is probably the strongest feeling we experience during our everyday lives. Most of us don't need extravagant gifts or declarations of our partner's undying love for us everyday; the more simple gestures, ones that implicitly demonstrate how they feel, are what really count. 

Yes, love is indeed a feeling that is hard to describe or capture in any kind of tangible way. Love also means different things to different people, but it didn't stop one Korean artist, named Puuung, from depicting how he envisions love. One look at his photos will be enough to convince you that love is not about trying to wow one another or shower each other with gifts. Love is the work you put into your relationship every single day; it's in the details.   

Is there honestly anything more romantic than a movie night, curled up together on the couch?

All of Puuung's illustrations have an inviting and tranquil atmosphere about them. Each illustration presents two fictional protagonists going about their everyday lives as a couple. 

Preparing dinner can also be a romantic activity to do together

The use of warm colors contributes to the inviting atmosphere of Puuung's paintings. It almost makes you feel like you're there with them in person- and maybe even a little embarassed. 


The best gift you can receive on your birthday is coming home after a long day at work, knowing you get to share it with the person you love the most

Moments of "me time" is also important in a relationship... after all, absence does make the heart grow fonder!

Woking together or just passing some time together in silence can be nice too

Playing together is also important... there's nothing like a relaxing afternoon working on a puzzle together

It's also nice to go out every once in a while, whether for coffee or a slice of cake

Sleeping together also brings couples closer together!

Choosing what vinyls to buy and listen to next is also romantic! "

"See you later, then?": spending the whole day apart, but already exciting to see each other when you get home

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