11 illustrations that show how true happiness is in the small things in life

With the passing of time, we eventually learn that it's the small things that make life so great. Spending time with loved ones, witnessing/doing small acts of kindness, or just enjoying a beautiful day:…

This girl's sweet drawings manage to describe love better than many romantic words

There are scenes with which everyone, sooner or later, can empathise and identify. Let's think for a moment about our daily lives and our relationships as couples: there are certainly many situations…
Art Drawing Love

These delightful colored drawings show us that true love is expressed in the small gestures of everyday life

Love is a powerful and universal feeling, which for centuries a myriad of poets, painters, and artists of all kinds have tried to describe and explain. In some epochs, it has been idealized and presented…
Art Drawing Love

Spectacular tattoos that have turned scars into small works of art

A tattoo is a form of body decoration that has existed since antiquity; however, over time, the motivations behind it have changed.  From being a community, social identity, or religious symbol, a tattoo…

Teaching children to draw with numbers and letters is a fun and very useful exercise

Drawing is a very important activity during childhood, both because it allows us to understand a child's state of mind and because it is a way through which the child can express his or her creativity.…

Schools closed? Here's an ingenious idea to keep kids busy during the summer

Do you know the moment of panic when your child asks you to draw something and you know that your artistic skills are so scarce that you will never be able to create anything worthy of being looked at?…

34 tattoos with 3D effects that appear to be much more than just simple drawings on the skin

Regarding tattoos, there are two completely different and opposing opinions! There are those individuals who love them and are fascinated by the idea of conceiving of the skin as a large canvas on which…
Art Artists Drawing

23 images of "Before and After" situations from which it will be difficult to look away

So-called "before and after" images are always liked and greatly appreciated because they also have the power to trigger strong emotions. These type of captured images are used to document an important…

17 tattoos that you'll have to look at twice to understand how things really are

Deciding to get a tattoo means to denote on your skin something that is important and meaningful for your life! Of course, we cannot dismiss the aesthetic component, and there is nothing wrong with visually…

What happens in the home of a couple in love? These nice cartoons reveal it!

Regardless of your own sentimental situation, we are prone to imagine the existence of a couple that is always surrounded by love, passion, and the niceties that lovers usually exchange. But what really…
Artists Drawing Love

14 acts of vandalism in public toilets that you cannot help but find funny!

Those with a strong sense of creativity see the possibility of retouching or modifying the environment around them even in the most unthinkable situations. The incredible thing is that there are people…
Drawing Funny Places

10 cartoons that will make you feel like you are falling in love again!

The Thai illustrator Pratchaya Mahapauraya (aka Sundae Kids, on Facebook and Instagram) entertains her followers with incredibly sweet cartoons. Her drawings manage to describe all the different facets…
Drawing Love Tenders

These 16 illustrations depict the happy life of those who choose to live alone!

Some people are not made to stay alone and can only fully attain their serenity when they are in the company of other people. While others, instead, by nature and character, prefer solitude and life as…
Art Drawing

This illustrator has transformed his life with his wife into successful comics

When getting your hair trimmed becomes a reason to be depressed and triggers a fear of becoming bald (imaginary, of course)! When you go to bed after you have had a fight and when you know that only in…
Drawing Funny Love

Make your friends laugh with these drawings! :D

Most children, but we are also sure this is true for adults, have the capacity to have fun with very little -- basically, you just need an original and creative idea. If you think that today's kids cannot…

How do you draw a picture in perfect perspective?

Perspective is one of the fundamental rules of drawing. In the absence of perspective, even the best works would not be very pleasant to the eyes. The use of perspective allows for the linear representation…

He starts by spreading common table salt --- When the frame expands you will be stunned!

What can be done with simple table salt? Its use is not only for food in the kitchen, but also for something much more creative and artistic! Take, for example, a black surface and let's spread some…
Art Drawing

He starts with simple lines, but his 3D drawing will leave you petrified! Wow!

This young artist as well as being a great designer can be described as an illusionist. Anyone would think the snake drawn on a sheet of paper is a real one going for your feet! If you don't believe it,…
Animals Art Drawing

He draws some lines on a sheet but his final creation is AMAZING !

Being able to draw the world around us as it is, it's not just a matter of talent and genius: even those who are not gifted can learn the technique. In this video you will see how you can draw 3D objects…
Art Curious Drawing Wtf

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