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11 illustrations that show how true…
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11 illustrations that show how true happiness is in the small things in life

August 15, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

With the passing of time, we eventually learn that it's the small things that make life so great. Spending time with loved ones, witnessing/doing small acts of kindness, or just enjoying a beautiful day: these are all everyday moments that can really make the difference in how happy we are in our everyday lives. 

Pascal Campion knows all too well what makes him happy in life. Pascal is an artist and comic book illustrator who emphasizes the importance of family in most of his artwork. His wife and three children are his biggest inspiration when he is creating these scenes, most of which capture typical moments of family life. His illustrations are expressive, colorful, wholesome, and really has a way of summing up what it's like to live in a loving family (or at least with people you love and care about). Campion has many beautiful pieces, but we've decided to share these 11 below; they are our favorite, so be sure to check them out!

What's better than lazing around with the person you love, your kids, and the family dog?

An afternoon spent out in an open field with the person you love... sometimes that's all it takes to be happy.


Tucking your kids in is a simple gesture, but more meaningful than you think!

Sharing quality time together is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship

Even though we're adults now, we still like acting like we're teenagers. It gives us the opportunity to rediscover the things that brought us so close together so long ago.

An unexpected rain: it gives us some down time so that we can just enjoy a peaceful evening at home

How can you resist a warm hug from someone so cute and little?

A moment of quiet, sitting side-by-side while watching the autumn leaves fall

It's nice to know you have someone to count on after a long and hard day of work

Serving your loved one breakfast in bed is a simple but sweet way to show how much you love them

These illustrations are beautiful, aren't they? We hope that they've helped you see how beautiful life really it, especially when you're enjoying it with the people you love. 

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