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He tattoos the face of his little brother…
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He tattoos the face of his little brother who has Down's syndrome and when he sees it is pure emotion

August 08, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

You can have many friends, but family is forever. One of the most beautiful bonds that can be established is that between siblings: so spontaneous, solid, and resistant to the events of life.

Having a sibling means being able to count on a person in whose body flows the same blood, and with whom the magical moments of childhood and beyond have been shared.

The video of these two brothers in Rio de Janeiro has moved everyone who has seen it --- where the older brother shows the younger brother, who has Down's Syndrome, his new tattoo.

When the younger brother understands what it is, he lets himself go with a reaction that to say is loving is an understatement.

The bond between Rafa, the older brother, and Erick is very strong, so much so that the first decided to tattoo on his arm the face of his little brother.

The tattoo is spectacular! Eric's face is incredibly realistic and it merges with the face of a lion. Erick is a warrior, even though he may seem to be a boy that is fragile, but he has the strength and courage of a lion.

When Erick realizes that Rafa has tattooed his face on his arm, he cannot hold back his emotion.

What follows is the video, that was filmed by their mother showing the sweet nature of the bond between the two brothers, without the need for words. 

An exciting moment, which surely many of you will have had the good fortune to experience in person. 

Do you have a brother or sister who you love very much? Let him or her know!

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