In her youth, this young woman often…
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In her youth, this young woman often collected seashells with her father: when she grew up, she discovered that he was the one who put them on the beach

July 03, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

One of the great joys of having children is to introduce them to the world while trying to preserve their light-heartedness and innocence. A father, who has now become a grandfather, revealed an old secret that he used on the beach to make the daily life of his children a little more magical.

Even today, this grandfather continues to show off his wonderful imagination and his desire to create magic for his little ones, delighting the grandchildren, as seen in a touching video shared on TikTok by his daughter, Mikki.

via: BoredPanda

The video clip shows Mikki's dad in the company of his grandchildren, Anastasia (10) and Maxwell (5), walking along the water's edge, dipping their toes into the cold, salty water. The children then seem to find something hidden in the sand. The small objects they find are shells of various shapes and sizes, all truly splendid, so perfect that one wonders if they are really "gifts from the sea" - or from the pocket of a very creative grandfather.

In the description of the video we read that, when Mikki was little, her father always took her to the beach to search for shells. Only now, at 32, has she discovered his secret. "He used to go to the gift shop to buy a bag full of beautiful shells and secretly dropped them on the beach for us to find. Now he does the same for his grandchildren," reads the caption.

The video clip shows the grandfather looking at the sea with his hands in his pockets, while the children run ahead and try to find as many shells as possible. Then, while the little ones are distracted, the man makes a quick movement with his hands and throws a bunch of beautiful shells onto the sand. He then moves away from the place where he dropped them and then points to the "treasures from the sea". The little ones rush over and enthusiastically gather up these "gifts from nature" with their buckets and spades. The video won the hearts of many, reaching 3 million views and getting over 600 million likes.


Mikki also recalled that her father engineered her great adventures as a child. She said that because her dad was a member of the Marines, "he was often on a mission, but he always tried to create special memories for us when he came back home. He would frequently say to us: 'Let's go on an adventure!'".

Mikki mentioned a time when they lived in Southern California: "We never saw any snow in California. One Christmas, dad made sled prints and reindeer tracks in the sand: he used his combat boots to make it look like Santa had been there, and he dropped some crushed ice next to the footprints to make us believe that snow had fallen off Santa's sled. It was so sweet and, while some might consider it a "lie", it's nice to look back and see the effort he made to keep us happy. " 

Simple gestures like this will always fill a kid's heart with joy. Despite becoming adult ourselves, having children and starting a family of our own, it is always nice to remember what parents have done for us and reflect about all the love they showed us - even through small gestures such as those made by the grandfather in this story.

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