The way this dog takes care of his little human will fill your heart with tenderness ... -
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The way this dog takes care of his little…
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The way this dog takes care of his little human will fill your heart with tenderness ...

April 12, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Since he started his job as the guardian of the family's newborn baby, the family pet dog, Brutus, a Bullmastiff has stopped tearing up all of his toys and instead they have become one of the means by which he cuddles and reassures the little newcomer. 

This is just one of the many displays of affection that this California family's dog has given to the newborn baby ever since the mother crossed the threshold of the house carrying in her arms the little bundle of love that Brutus did not hesitate to gently welcome!

"As soon as we had a house big enough, we adopted Brutus and we have always considered him as our first "child", says Bonnie Michelak.

"We knew that Brutus would have grown to considerable dimensions, as an adult ... But we have always noticed his gentleness with children."


"So when we found out we were expecting a baby, we had no doubts about how he would take it when the baby arrived."

"I am convinced that Brutus understood that I was pregnant even before I did. When my husband worked nights, he refused to go to sleep in his dog bed, as he had always done and he practically never left my side." 

In fact, dogs are able to hear the sounds that a baby makes in the mother's womb (which they start to produce around the 28th week), and can also smell the change in hormone production that occurs in an expectant woman.

"When we brought our son Kayden home, we allowed ourselves some time together with Brutus to let him know that everything was fine ..."

"Then we let him get close to the baby crib and at that moment we had the confirmation that Brutus would be a fantastic "big brother".


"From that day, it can be said that Brutus has never let our son Kayden out of his field of vision and every time he hears him crying, he brings Kayden his favorite ball to console him!"

Brutus must have associated with that ball, which he loves so much, something that reassures him and so he brings it to share with his little human whenever he feels something is bothering Kayden.


"We are all learning from this wonderful experience and we are looking forward to starting , all four of us together, a new adventure!"

Un post condiviso da Brutus (@captainbrutus) in data:

When he grows up, and looks at these captured images and the videos his parents have filmed to document this relationship, Kayden will understand how lucky he was to have a friend like that!

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